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Better than a Fender Mustang GT?


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Thinking of swapping out my GT with a spider v 60. Anybody got experience or advice?

i know the Spider has got mixed reviews and going on these alone the Fender is the winner. But I feel the same about the fender in that the preset tones are unusable. Yes it does good cleans but that’s it for me. Let me explain how I want to use these amps. Home only use to play along with popular jam tracks. Taking one example, comfortably numb by Floyd, nothing in the presets does this. Simular to Line 6 the community supplies tones online, on the Fender there are at least fifty none of which do it for me. Did try a spider 30 and it seemed to do a better job.

i also use mobile pod and last night managed to create a fender tone very simular to the GT so hoping the spider with its bigger amp models can do even better.

connection via hard wiring to an iPad is excellent and also like how it plays music through the same lead. However this will mean I cannot use my sonic pod vx at the same time like I can do with the GT, so would hope this will be an all singing answer to my needs.

proably go for the 60 for the wireless and bigger speaker.

i do like the idea of other amps like vox and Blackstar but playing audio tracks sounds better with tweeters or FRFR speakers.

originally bought an Amplifi 75 which was perfect apart from it kept dropping out over Bluetooth 



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Only you can be the judge of whether the Spider sounds better than the Mustang, but the fact that the Spider is a full range system with a tweeter and woofer will reproduce the jam tracks more accurately. Since you have 200 amps, cabs, and effects you might have better luck finding a tone that fits your needs.

Also, you have two options for organizing and saving presets with the Spider- the Spider Remote App for IOS and Android, or the Spider Remote for PC/Mac. 

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Yes, the tweeter and woofer are active with both guitar and aux input, so it works as a FRFR system. The amp modeling is derived from Pod Farm which has amp and cab modeling, so the guitar speaker is designed to be accurate with the software. The aux input is sent straight to the power amp, so both speakers are active.

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