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How To Lock A Preset With Pod Hd Pro Edit ?


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Is it possible to lock a preset using pod hd pro edit ? (I mean in the setlists menu :

I would like a right-click-button displaying for instance : "lock preset" or something like that ...preventing to modify or erase later this wonderful preset ...)


sometimes with the drag and drop functionality, some presets may be erased (they are in orange color and in italic mode) and there is not any  "undo" button , unfortunately ...


thank you,



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Really... :rolleyes:

I've had guitar processors from Yamaha, Zoom, Digitech, Boss, Roland and of course Line 6 and I've never seen any of them with a feature to lock presets.


However, Digitech's M.O. is to have a "User" section that can be changed and a "Factory" section that can't.

You can pull up a "Factory" preset, change it then save it to the "User" section.

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