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Helix Effects HX Presets load not complete


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Hi, i have a new Helix HX and have a strange behaviour.

I have Windows10 (newest Patchlevel) on my Surface Pro 4, Helix HX Firmware 2.60 and HX Edit 2.60.

I did a firmware update on 2.60 and after the Update i do a factory reset.

I build a preset (on PC) that fits 90% of things i need. Finetuning is done on my HX without a Notebook.

Now thte Problems beginn (my Support ticket):


Helix HX doesn't load my Preset complete. Blocks are empty and not showing in signal flow. When i load the Preset again everything seams to be ok, till i restart the HX or jump between the presets. The only way to fix - double loud the preset on the HX, connect the HX on my PC, export the preset over HX Edit V2.60 and import the Preset again. Helix HX is on the newest Firmware and i have done a factory reset and rebuild my Preset from Stock. Sometimes i can do changes on my preset on the HX and save it successfully. Sometimes after Saving changes in my preset (e.g. changing Drivelevel or other Parameter) the Blocks are empty or my preset is not complete after reboot the HX. This is very annoying. Can you help me?



So guys, any ideas? I put my Preset in the Attachements, 2 Pictures from the Device and the signal flow and one short video clip from HX Edit...




Void Obelisk_090718.hlx



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So, the Problem is the A/B Block. If i use an A/B Block in my Preset and i have a assignment on a Button for "Route to" Parameter.

The Preset goes crazy after i change some Parameter or effects in Path A. Sometimes i only have to change 1 parameter, sometimes i need to change more - this seems to be random, but the error will occure! After loading the Preset the Path A will be empty. If i load the Preset to times, the Path A is fully restored. If i change the A/B Block to an Y Block and Save the Preset - everthing ist fine. Maybe someone will test this.


For monosetups you can use the Y Block as an workaround.  

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