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  1. Mine too on Windows. I send it back to my reseller and get a new one. Now i have no freezing problems.
  2. So, the Problem is the A/B Block. If i use an A/B Block in my Preset and i have a assignment on a Button for "Route to" Parameter. The Preset goes crazy after i change some Parameter or effects in Path A. Sometimes i only have to change 1 parameter, sometimes i need to change more - this seems to be random, but the error will occure! After loading the Preset the Path A will be empty. If i load the Preset to times, the Path A is fully restored. If i change the A/B Block to an Y Block and Save the Preset - everthing ist fine. Maybe someone will test this. For monosetups you can use the Y Block as an workaround.
  3. i am getting incomplete presets. Boxes are empty, so i have to load the preset and load it again. I have open a support ticket...
  4. Hi, i have a new Helix HX and have a strange behaviour. I have Windows10 (newest Patchlevel) on my Surface Pro 4, Helix HX Firmware 2.60 and HX Edit 2.60. I did a firmware update on 2.60 and after the Update i do a factory reset. I build a preset (on PC) that fits 90% of things i need. Finetuning is done on my HX without a Notebook. Now thte Problems beginn (my Support ticket): So guys, any ideas? I put my Preset in the Attachements, 2 Pictures from the Device and the signal flow and one short video clip from HX Edit... Void Obelisk_090718.hlx
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