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Hi Line 6 forum,


My question is: Has anyone been able to successfully connect the Razer Sieren Pro with the UX2? If yes, How is this achieved?


I've unboxed from new and fully installed PODFarm v2.59 & Line 6 Monkey/ Authorized my UX2 to my PC. My objective is to use the UX2 and PODFarm as a voice morphing/ changer for creative gaming purposes. The Razer Sieren Pro ( has three outputs: USB, Headphone/ AUX female jack and a DMX 5-pin output with a Y split XLR adaptor cable (one 5-pin into two 3-pin) - ( The Razer Sieren Pro works correctly when connected directly to the PC, however the PODFarm voice morphing software doesn't transmit out through the Microphone.


I've browsed many forums and tutorials and have tried the basic adjustments i;e: Adjusted the UX2 dials and enabling the phantom +48V button, tried multiple UX2 line/ microphone ports/ inputs/ outputs with the above mentioned cable/ AUX cable and also an aftermarket adaptor cable (one 5-pin to one 3-pin) - ( , changing the PODFarm mixer INPUT: Mic 1 and tried the various other inputs, enabling UX2 as default through Windows 10 sound settings and disabling all other audio and recording inputs/ outputs. Still no success.


Any clarity or result would be much appreciated, cheers.

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Pretty much, yes. Have you another mic to test if the ux2 is functioning correctly. Can you hear any music/ sounds out of your speakers? Making sure the ux2 is operating correctly would be the first step. Using the standard xlr out on the mic should work.

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It wont work with the usb. Try using just the xlr out with phantom power on your ux2, not a seperare source powering the mic. Assuming you have tested that the ux2 is setup/working correctly, you will be able to plug your mic in and confirm if its compatible with the ux2.

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