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Is the Amplifi 75 the right choice for small gigs with a drummer?


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Probably not. I have tried using my 150 at practice, just me and a drummer. It wasn’t loud enough for us. It’s the quietest 150 watt amp I’ve ever heard. YMMV but the 150!is too quiet for me, I doubt the 75 would work live. BUT, depending on the type of music you play, whether you mic the amp, etc, it might work for you. 

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Just about any amp will work. Depends on your music style, how loud you play, and where. 


The Amplifi 150 is not 150 watts. Line 6 is playing the watts game.  At it's loudest, the amp is putting maybe 80 watts to the 12", and 35 watts each side to the coaxials.  So, turned up, maybe the sound of an 60 - 80 watt amp. If you look inside the 150 the power amps are about the size of two U.S. postage stamps side by side.  Not robust at all. 


Note:  I am calling out Line 6 on their outsourced shoddy workmanship.

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They're not only playing the watts game, you also need to keep this in mind: 


A change of 3 dB is accepted as the smallest difference in level that is easily heard by most listeners listening to speech or music. It is a slight increase or decrease in volume. 

To produce an increase of +3 dB you simply need to double power (watts).

--sourced from


So now what would you think about the difference between the Amplifi 75 and the 150? Louder? Yeah. A little bit. Unscientifically, I'd have to think that the 12" speaker in the 150 would move more air than the 8" speaker in the 75. But what do I know - I'm just an aging rock & roll neverwas...


(Expecting  someone to weigh in with the 'tube watts are  much louder than solid state watts' argument any minute...)


With regard to the original post: Last year, I twice used my Amplifi 30 at a practice with another guitar, bass, drums, 3 vocals and a keyboard, classic rock tunes scenario. Surprisingly, standing not too far away, I could hear it, but it was turned up all the way, and clean tones absolutely out of the question.  Would've been interesting to try a 75. I now have a 150, but have not been able to sit in with the band anymore.

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the "idea" of the Amplifi is great, and I am not sure what that something else would be.. for comparable cost, unit space, functionality etc.  Seems when they work, owners love them.  Wish I had a working one!  :-)

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