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First gig for the HX! One minor issue with capacitive(sp?) switches false triggering


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ok so I did my first gig with the HX effects last night!


Very, very cool. 


Some great sounds and overall very happy. However, I had one issue - the capacitive switches triggering when I wasn't pressing them.


So, I would be playing, and look down to switch something off, and at some point in the meantime from the last time I looked at it, it must have had a long press false triggered and I was now deeper into one of the effects.


This had not happened at any point in the past week messing around with it, but happened at the gig.


How do I prevent this? Is it because I'm using my shoes on it, and maybe some water or dirt is getting on it? 

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I just answered another thread with the same problem. 


For the most part, my HX works as it should... but in some locations the capacitive switches will trigger at inopportune times. My belief is that this is a humidity difference from location to location. 


Do you really need capacitive switches when playing live? IMO - they are a luxury when setting up the unit, yet a possible annoyance in a live situation. I just turn mine off when I go to do a gig then never worry about it again. You can turn them on/off in the global settings.

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Yes! Those touch-sensitive switches drove me up a wall. Turn 'em off! Go to Global Settings > Switches and set Stomp Select to "Press." Use HX Edit to do your major editing (its a lot faster and easier. Then, learn to use some basic front-panel editing for any at-the-gig fine-tuning of presets.


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