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podhd500x tempo controlled externally thru midi/DAW?


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good day evryone, been wondering and can't find any  solution, i doin my live gig using ableton and i just want to sync my timebased effect to the tempo of the song that is playing but seems impossible, well it is possible to do by setting the tempo per preset but  we have hundreds of songs and it will be so much patch consuming if i will put a different tempo of the same patch on a new patch space, so i think the best solution is to sync the podhd500x with ableton/daw tempo, 

but how to do? and is this possible to achieve? have tried a lot but the pod hd tempo option is knida limited to preset and global and as i understand the global thing, to me it means only one tempo for all the presets or am i wrong?

pls help

thanks and kind regards, \m/

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There is no elegant, easy way. The device is more of a MIDI sender versus a control center for a show.


What you can do is set up Ableton to send the foot switch tap command over a bar or two. Page 113 of the Advanced Manual states MIDI CC# 64 can be sent with a value of 127 to simulate the tap. Send 3 or 4 'taps' from Ableton.


I don't do this myself because I write in the delay times and I have a different patch for every song, but here's a thread from a guy who utilizes this method.


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