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  1. Thanks Scott. I checked all the cables inside and they are tight even after 8-9 years of use. I was impressed with how solid everything was inside. The early units were pretty well built if this is any proof. I opened a support ticket and will proceed down that route.
  2. * Grabs popcorn * I also now have the same issue. My search for solutions begins. I bought one of the early Stagescapes and it has been a rock for me on the road, in the studio, podcasting, etc.. I never had the problems others were running into with the post-Yamaha purchase builds. I can hear a slight little buzz inside so wondering if it's accepting some power but stopped at a fuse??? Any advice for Larry and I, anyone?
  3. Agreed. Most people don't need different tones in different settings. Some of us impersonate performers in range of timelines and settings and require different tweaks. But we're definitely not in the norm. I didn't mean to give that impression. You can successfully record and play live with the same patches or sometimes plug into an amp or direct to the PA.
  4. I'll give one example, I always have to have a higher MIX setting on any delay I use in a live setting and maybe one more bounce from the FREQ dial to have it cut through the mix coming out of a large PA. I usually have the point of break-up on the amp pushed a little more as well. I've gotten good at documenting all these 'adjustments' but sometimes but I have a habit of over-tweaking too. So this 'song' will now have two patches. One I used to record the thing and a new LIVE patch. I'll practice with the headphones on and get used to that sound, then head to rehearsal next week and plug it into the PA and get all frustrated with the live patch because I was sure I had the delays and the crunch in patch 2 set up properly. Endless argh. I tried to use the Global EQ to adjust for the difference and tweaking as I moved from location / system to the other. It made some difference but it was easier to find my own formula. Now, I just record with my software amp sims and get the sound I want, then try to program it in the multi-effects later.
  5. If you got a brand new Macbook and the operating system is Catalina (the latest), then there will be a lot of forum posts that will explain things. The software across the board isn't compatible with Catalina and is completely at the mercy of changes Apple has made as everyone here has said. I have the Pod HD Pro and the HD500X and both edit software and Monkey work up to High Sierra from my testing but I can't confirm newer than that.
  6. Which effect are you using that is mapped to the tempo? And, subsequently, what's the setting dialed in at within the effect block?
  7. https://www.shure.com/en-US/products/microphones/sm58 It's just an absolute standard everyone should have. A used one would be in your range. A new one is absolutely worth it.
  8. It's a Mac hidden file. You have to remove them with a script or copy the files onto the USB/SD from a Windows machine.
  9. I think you're getting too far ahead of yourself and trying to solve too many issues all at once. Have you read through the manual and gotten the basics down at least? Yes or No? Have you installed the Line 6 M20D audio driver? Yes or No? Is the audio output on the computer itself (in the OS or in your DAW) set to the Stagescape M20D as your output? Yes or No? Let's start there.
  10. Lots of questions here. I will try to unpack it as best as I can. First of all, you are going to have to do some reading. Question: have you read the manual? Wifi Do a search in this forum and there are tons of threads about this. Look for the ones with lots of replies. Here's one you can read and see if it helps you: The manual covers it on page 82. https://line6.com/data/6/0a06434c12bb52431be9dd7c2/application/pdf/StageScape M20d Advanced Guide - English ( Rev D ).pdf Mixer as a Soundcard You WILL have latency issues with it as the soundcard for your DAW. But for hearing your computer, you need to have a laptop / computer icon on the stage. It has internal 'inputs' on 17/18. In the manual on page 88, the first setup example shows a computer on the stage. https://line6.com/data/6/0a06434c12bb52431be9dd7c2/application/pdf/StageScape M20d Advanced Guide - English ( Rev D ).pdf Your Question 3 • skip Your Question 4 The PodXT should be into the mixer. The 'computer' doesn't run the PodXT as it is an independent device with it's own soundcard. Do not plug the XT into the computer. JUst plug its outputs into the mixer and then the computer processes your drums. The manual is your friend. https://line6.com/data/6/0a06434c12bb52431be9dd7c2/application/pdf/StageScape M20d Advanced Guide - English ( Rev D ).pdf
  11. stormstudios


    Is the volume level issue just the guitar output? What is the volume like for for USB output from the computer?
  12. No problem. Then the answer is no. There is no time function in the Pod.
  13. You could have a MIDI file that could be triggered on song start that has an automation track in it for the movement at the time code you need it in the song. You'd have to make that file in your DAW and send it to your drummer to trigger with the rest of the changes.
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