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  1. stormstudios


    Airport Express - buy the 2nd generation. The 1st did not work for me and 2 seconds after buying the new one (this is years ago) the setup took 5 seconds. I think any Apple USB to Ethernet adaptor bought in the last three years will work just fine. Safest, easiest path is buy the latest of both.
  2. stormstudios

    Global Volume Control of HD500X Pedal

    You really should heed spaceatl's advice here. Even if you don't use the patch you build, it's worth starting from zero and learning your way through that way.
  3. stormstudios

    Forum Login

    * looks around * * stops making secret things in basement * Yup. Agreed.
  4. stormstudios

    POD HD500x alternative way to acess tuner (switch issue)

    never tune and call it Art
  5. stormstudios

    Free patch required for pod HD 500

    The drag and drop functionality does not work in my version of Mac (not sure why). So, while you can, and most people can, that should in no way devalue the knowledge put forth in explaining that the converter exists. He did use the word 'And...' Lots of options for sure.
  6. stormstudios


    As the message says, do not remove the USB cable or remove an SD card from the slot when you are using the Stagescape as an audio output device. What are you trying to do? If you're playing audio from the MBP, you're better off with a 1/8" - 1/4" cable from the onboard sound card to an input on the mixer.
  7. stormstudios

    HD Pro-X Cannot get a clean tone, all amps are low volume

    We can never been entirely sure without a deeper explanation of your set up. However, I was finding a similar level when I first got my 500X and my HD500 Pro. What I did to better set up my patches was use a Boost, Studio EQ, or Vintage Pre in my first slot and use the gain on those to get more push of the front of the 'amp.' I went back and forth between all three of them and eventually settled on the Boost Comp. My experiment was my real Fender Twin Reverb '65 RI vs the Twin sim. If you don't have a real amp that is modeled by Line 6 that's a little harder. Anyway, I ended up pushing the front of the chain with the Boost Comp by 12db. That made the amp sim MUCH more responsive to the Hum, SAG, blah blah settings. It was a lot of work and I am not sure why it is set up technically how it is (I'm sure the electronics whizzes can help provide a better picture). But I was never happy with my results until I pushed things harder at the front with my various guitars. I hope that helps. This may not be great advice for everyone but it's what worked for me.
  8. stormstudios

    Can't see recordings on a Mac

    something changed on your mac... Launch Terminal. Type "defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles YES" in Terminal and press "Return." Hold 'Alt' right click on the Finder icon in the Taskbar, click 'Relaunch'. Then do you see the files? If you want to undo this, replace YES with NO in the above sequence and you're back to normal. If you saw them before and don't see them now, it's something mac-based.
  9. stormstudios

    Backpack for hd500x

    The Helix bag is a good option. https://shop.line6.com/helix-backpack.html (gives a 404 error currently)
  10. stormstudios


    It got answered in another thread and in about 40 other threads. You've got to go to Security Preferences and allow Line 6 as a developer.
  11. stormstudios

    Issue with PODHD PROX software seeing device using USB C

    Good tip. Glad you got it working for the newer Mac owners. The problem is this exact solution has been proposed in many other threads and it seems many aren't reading the solution. I hope your thread (or one with the solution in it) sticks to the top and people start reading threads a little more. Glad you got it working. Rock on!
  12. stormstudios

    Triggering patches in hd500 via midi

    Great. All you really need is explained on B•2 in the HD500 Manual. https://l6c-acdn2.line6.net/data/6/0a06434dc1a55085c5d6532bf/application/pdf/POD HD500 Advanced Guide v2.10 ( Rev A ).pdf • Footswitches 1 - EXP are CC# 51-59. • Loading a Patch is on page B•3 - "Load a Preset within the current Set List: Send a Program Change message (Value 0-63 for Preset 01A - 16D) for the desired Preset within the current Set List."
  13. stormstudios

    Triggering patches in hd500 via midi

    Have not used Showbuddy but yes you shouldn't have to touch your controller if you don't want to. Brokenbones has brought some good info. My question is are you wanting to take over running the entire show (start/stop) and have your changes triggered or are you wanting to be hands off and just play? My guess is the latter. If so, you just have to get your device into the MIDI chain into your MIDI In connector, choose a MIDI Channel that only your device will listen to commands on, and then have a solid list of changes you want made in the show. The director / producer / technician is not going to read your documentation for you, so you have to list every possible change and which MIDI Note or CC or Program Change you want when. My approach is organize the set list, never change it, get the Program Change at the start of each 'song' and then Note Values per footswitch I want to be triggered at the start of the Chorus or whatever. Sorry I can't help with ShowBuddy. I love that bands are doing this.
  14. stormstudios

    Anyone get any BIG rock tones?

    Oh man...yeah was just going to say the same thing. These crappy 'recording' options are not giving true sound unless set up to take the recording off the board. Most times I'm disappointed when people post video of our shows or other shows because people viewing them somehow think it's a realistic replication of the sound in the venue. You can only trust the ears of someone actually in the room.
  15. The easiest way to start (in this case) is to read the Pod HD Pro X Manual's MIDI implementation. https://line6.com/data/6/0a06434c12b265244d498852b5/application/pdf/POD HD Pro X Advanced Guide - English ( Rev A ).pdf Page C•2 These are the CC #'s you need to target for the appropriate change. On the Boss side of things, this looks a little more daunting...... https://static.roland.com/assets/media/pdf/GT-10_MI.pdf Page 2 - #2 Transmitted Data (Main Section) says: "If you....program change ...is transmitted" (sorry that copies and pastes as '2D:@>1?@;->D>?18;-=-81?1=G&,&' !( &''! #/"@?H2:=G"9H;=:3=-8/4-931592:=8-?5:95>?=-9>85??10B419>B5?/4593;-?/4' It's a rough manual. You've got to figure out how to get the Boss to send what the POD HD Pro X is asking for. It looks like Program Changes are transmitted once you turn MIDI on, so that's a start. Targeting individual foot switches is where you need to dig deeper. The Pod is already set up other than maybe a specific channel but it's listening to all channels by default (I think).