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  1. I am not the best troubleshooter here by far, but I'll try. What happens if you take the power strip out of the equation and plug directly into the power conditioner? Is noise still introduced with the second amp in the same circuit? What happens when you take the L 1/4" and R 1/4" separately out to a different amp or monitor? Is there noise from one of the 1/4" connectors?
  2. Of course. You're welcome. The one thing the videos won't get into is Device MIDI channel numbers in the GCP. If you've got the G Major 2 as well, you can / should have G Major on MIDI Channel 1 and HD Pro X on Channel 2 (instead of OMNI) or vice-versa the order doesn't matter but change your physical device to the appropriate MIDI channel. Grab the manual here: http://www.voodoolab.com/gcontrolpro.htm Read Page 6 onto 7 'Devices' "Enter Setup mode by pressing both [SETUP MODE] buttons at the same time. Then select this category by pressing [DEVICE NAME/CHANNEL]..." This is where, when you get into Instant Access read out of "CH01' or 'CH02' you can have that footswitch send to only the HDPro or the G Major. You've got enough to get going. Let us know where you get to. You won't get it all at once but yes just start at the beginning.
  3. Ah, I do remember GCPs being sold specifically for each device (11R and Pod ...maybe from Sweetwater?). Yes, those would be generic presets that were defaults at that time. I have used MIDISysEx but it ends up being easier to start from scratch. Regardless of name of the patch on your Pod, if the MIDI is set up right your pod should be changing patches with the 4 preset switches. GCP 00 = Pod 1A (etc). I assume from your post that this is working but not aligning to your expectation. That's ok. The best 'conceptual' video and a good teacher is Sean Halley (he's done VooDoo Lab and Sweetwater videos at various times). Even though it's 11R, the concepts of GCP settings and the device listening are helpful. The most helpful is how / when to consult the manual (in your case the Pod manual for Line 6 specific MIDI references) to get your controller to be sending what you want it to. There are not a lot of helpful GCP to Pod videos because most rack line 6 users buy the Line 6 floorboard. I'll be near my rack later on today if you need more specific points or someone else might jump in. But Sean lays out all the same concepts for you here in a really good way.
  4. I've never had a problem getting the GCP controlling the HD Pro X. I'm not sure what Dustin refers to by '100%' in the OP. Maybe he was hoping for some 2-way comms type situation. :shrug: If you're contemplating the purchase of a GCP, it's a great device for controlling a show regardless of the device. Maybe define 'seamlessly'... :)
  5. I received a second mixer while my M20D is being repaired. When I took the rackmount kit off, there were only 2 instead of 4 screws attached in the back of the old mixer. I looked in the Shop but didn't find the screws. I assume these are standard rackmount thread but these are shorter. Does anyone know / have a link to replacement screws for the Stagescape rackmount kit?
  6. Before firmware updates, you could check for dirty pots on the amp control knobs. This was another common treatment for the display switching like this.
  7. I think you lost me a little. I get the purpose, I maybe wasn't following the verbage. "but with a splitter to use the fx loop" - assumption here, but one side of the split goes to your cd input and the other where? It doesn't sound crazy, but I tried a simpler approach with success on the HD500 Pro to use it as an effects-only chain. Plug into your Amp. Route from the FX Send of the Amp into the FX Return of the HD500 or HD500X and move the FX block to the first position. Build your effects chain after the FX block and before the Mixer. Does this work for what you're intending? I apologize if I misread anything in your message.
  8. You would change it in your DAW's audio settings. Which DAW are you using? It has more to do with your devices audio drivers than the physical device.
  9. The 'easiest' way is to use one of the channel preset icons that are stereo and reassign them using the I/O panel. I usually grab the Line L/R DI icon (which I think comes on 17/18). It has been awhile since I did this though and not in front of my mixer right now as its being repaired and a new backup is on its way to me. https://line6.com/support/manuals/stagescape/ Page 91 10 • 3 shows that if you have adjacent inputs you get a slider menu to 'Make Stereo Pair' from those.
  10. I have a Twin Reverb 65 Reissue and it definitely does not make that sound even at 8 or 9 (my ears couldn't handle 10). I plugged into both Input 1 and Input 2 (attenuated 6db) on Channel 1 all the way up to 9 and nothing like that. "Once the amp goes past 7-8 it can get pretty ugly." - I don't even know what that is meant to represent. Never heard my amp get ugly. Maybe I'm 'doing it wrong' lol I cannot speak for a Deluxe Reverb.
  11. Which of the above solutions have you attempted. Cleaning the pots would be your first step from the above conversations. The pots get dirty causes that jitter mentioned above. Start there if you haven't. If you have, update your post with more info on what hasn't worked for you.
  12. https://jackaudio.org/ I'm on a Mac and use Soundflower for a similar situation. JACK Audio is the PC version of the same thing. (if I understand your intent correctly)
  13. Routing Channel Audio To A Target MonitorIn Monitor Mode there are 3 easy steps involved in sending a channel’s audio to a target monitor, as follows:1. Select the target monitor on the stage by tapping it.2. Set the source channel’s Linked/Unlinked mode as desired by tapping its button. 3. Turn the source channel’s assigned encoder to the desired monitor level.As you adjust each channel’s monitor level, you’ll see an animated signal flow displayed from the source channel to the target monitor. To route audio to a different target monitor, simply tap the monitor’s icon on the stage and you’ll see its controller strip pulsate bright blue, along with the target triangles that rotate around the monitor’s stage icon (see Page 5•1). Then adjust the source channel’s monitor level as desired by turning its assigned hardware encoder. Pg 5•3
  14. You would need to use MIDI Out on the device and use a separate MIDI interface for Mainstage or Logic. MIDI over USB is not possible on the 500X. "POD HD500X does not include USB MIDI functionality.)" Pg B • 1 https://line6.com/data/6/0a06434c6fb051e03e8ab63dc/application/pdf/POD HD500X Advanced Guide - English ( Rev A ).pdf
  15. I think the majority of the other threads mentioned to first attempt to open it up and check that the ribbon cables were all securely in place. There seemed to be some consensus in a range of build periods where the ribbon cables would work loose over time and a multitude of problems came up simply because of that ribbon. It didn't seem to be on early build units but on later units (I want to say post-Yamaha purchase?)
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