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FBV Express MKII volume/wah suddenly stopped working

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I played guitar one evening  and everything was fine. The next time I played, the volume/wah rocker pedal ceased having any functionality. The unit wasn't moved, or even touched between sessions, and yet somehow, volume/wah no longer does anything at all.


I've attempted re-calibrating it with the "Power off, hold D, power on D, press toe switch, etc" method, many many times. Each time, when the process is complete, and I move the volume rocker pedal, the 7-light display (which should indicate when pedal is moved) stays fully lit (all 7 leds lit).


I opened the back panel to see if a internal mechanism may have gotten loose (expecting to see a cable or similar connecting the pedal to the chasis), but it is apparently a proximity switch with no physical contact (aside from it's rocker axle).


Looking for suggestions / advice on how to get it working again. Is there some way to perform a hard-reset? Any other suggestions?




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Tengo exactamente el mismo problema FBV Express MKII dejo de funcionar le pedal de expresión sin volumen sin Wha..  


He intentado volver a calibrarlo con el método "Apagar, mantener presionado D, encender D, presionar el interruptor de pie, etc." muchas veces. Cada vez que finaliza el proceso y muevo el pedal del control de volumen, la pantalla de 7 luces (que debe indicar cuando se mueve el pedal) permanece completamente iluminada (los 7 leds encendidos).


Necesitamos soporte en el tema.

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You may need to check with Line 6 support and open a ticket.   You've already have gone through the "reset" process that I know of.   


I'd not opened mine as it's working fine, but I suspect it works the same way as the FBV 3 pedal that another thread repaired here:


Obviously it voids the warranty, so if you are still under yours you should open a ticket and get it replaced/repaired under warranty first.

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The FBV EXPRESS MKII volume and wah will not  work with USB  pluged in to the FBV EXPRESS MKII... Need only the  Plugin from  peddle  to amp (or  POD or what ever)... This is mentioned in the FBV EXPRESS MKII manual...

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I have been testing with a few leds but it did not seem to work. Also shining a bright led torch on the Q200 did not make any difference. So, I ordered a couple of bright white SMD leds and some SFH320 optotransistors. Following the image on the PCB I mounted the led, which did not lit up. It seems it has to go the other way. Installing the SFH320 did pass the torch-test so it reacted. The setup needed some adjustment, perhaps due to the different characteristics of the Q200 optotransistor but I did get it to work. 

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