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Two M20d's for more monitor lines?

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Our band has grown from 4 to 6, making the 4 monitor channels from the M20d less than ideal.  We use in-ear monitors, and doubling up performers on monitor lines is just not working. We have a second M20d that got some water damage in one input, causing the prior guitar player/manager to get another one. I was wondering if it is possible to get four more monitor lines by splitting the input lines from the mics/instruments to each mixer, using only one mixer for the output to the mains. Each mixer would need its own WiFi unit, and the individual band member's ipad would only control the monitor lines on which he/she was on.  Am I missing anything (besides splitting with $$ for a bigger system), or is there another way of dealing with this?

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I think you'll have to get by using the 8 monitor outputs that you get by connecting the audio outputs of the first M20d into a stereo pair in the 2nd M20d. You are constrained, however, by the fact that the monitor outputs in the first M20 will only be able to carry the audio connected to its own inputs; it cannot receive nor send to its monitors any audio from the 2nd M20d. The monitor outputs of the 2nd M20d can include a stereo mix of the main outputs of the first M20d .

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