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Changing Presets using 8 Snapshots


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My Helix LT is literally on the way to me!  

Question - If I am using the foot switches in the 8 Snapshot  1-8  setting, how do I change presets ? Do the bank Up/Down foot switches move between presets within the set list? Or is there another step? I am using this primarily for live gigs. I love the multiple snapshots within the preset but want to be able to change presets during a show.


Thanks in advance. I appreciate any assistance or tips on any better ways to do this.




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7 hours ago, phil_m said:

Hitting the Bank Up/Down switches temporarily takes you to Preset View so you can select a new preset.


^^^ this ^^^ 


Or, in preferences you can set the "bank up/down" to operate as "preset up/down"....

Or. you can set set "bank up/down" to operate as "snapshot up/down" and leave the preset page in tact. 


Lot of options... find one that works for you. 

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