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Easy way to revert back or undo preset changes(?)


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I am confident that this is a REALLY stupid question, - but I still can't seem to find a way to quickly get back to my saved settings on a given preset once I have started messing around with perimeters (editing it). The preset title shows the little "edited" box next to the title. Even if I go back out to the presets navigation buttons and navigate back to the preset and select it, - the preset still shows as "edited". So generally I get pissed off and reboot the Helix. ...About 10,000 times a session. Stupid.

It's is either:

1. Deceptively simple.

2. Not at all intuitive. or

3. I'm just dumber than a bag of hammers. 



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It's actually very fast and simple. Use the Presets button/knob on the device - not the editor. Rotate the knob one click left and immediately back a click right. The first rotation loads the adjacent preset, wiping out unsaved changes in the current preset. The second rotation reloads the original preset and changes are gone.

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