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Which footswitch for Old POD XT

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I have an old POD XT which I bought I think in 2004 and I recently started using it again since I added all the amp models and stomp boxes etc available back in the day and it just sounds awesome. Now I'm in need of a simple footswitch that lets me change programs. I found a great compatibility list of footswitches for the POD XT's but it only tells me which ones don't work but not which one does work with an old POD XT. My POD XT is the one that says "PEDAL" on the back and not "FBV PEDAL" so the newer footswitches won't work.  Any suggestions what would work with my old POD XT in order to change programs?  Thanks!

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I have a floorboard that I used to use with a POD 2 bean. Shall we check compatibility with the XT? I have a friend with an XT and I can verify its operation, if you're interested. Will let it go for a reasonable price...

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