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Question about Hx Stomp


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Hi! so i just got the hx stomp and im a bit lost^^ 


Just started it up and  almost everytime i do something, scrolling thru presets/going into settings the Tempo screen keeps flashing up for like 2 secons, then it goes back to the settings i was in, then randomly shows tempo screen where i can adjust bpm and such.. Is this intended or is there any probs with my unit?

it usually comes right after i touch a button, and doesnt seem to be a even amount of time between the popups, it can come up after 2 seconds, instantly or after 10 seconds. This makes me really confused and annoyed :p


if i for example press both page buttons to go into global eq it can instantly show the tempo screen for a while Before actually letting me go into global, idk, it feels bugged or smth since its so uneven.

And if i try to adjust the bpm while the tempo screen is up i chances mid scroll so i roll down other settings instead.
English is not my first language so i hope u can understand :)

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just checking, you arent accidentally touching any of the three switches are you? Theyre capacitive and when you make adjustments to the knobs you may accidentally be touching on of the three pedal switches which would cause that to flash up. If thats it, go to global settings and turn that off.

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