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  1. I've had/have all of the aformentioned. Toured the AxeFX for 10 years, the Kemper for 7 and had most of the line6 stuff since the orignal pod. I've used them all extensively, professionally live and in many released recordings. I can give you a short answer to this in 2021.. They can all sound like each other these days but you just won't have the time to truly learn them all in greater depth. So go with the one that has the most intuitive interface/software/hardware for you, then start peeling back layers. They all have presets that mostly suck and that is no way to judge any of them. Of the three Line 6 offers incredible value, reliable intuitive software and tons of history knowledge in modelling. Do your research, go with what you feel will work for you and your budget best and just get your hands dirty! As a guitarist there is no greater time to be alive! (well... except maybe the 80s, but most of those guys and girls cant hear anything anymore lol)
  2. I recently got back into using my Stomp and found a bunch of ownhammer IRs i grabbed ages ago. Started realsing that some of these custom IRs are really very good! As its been a good year since i played with the Stomp i was fairly jaw dropped to see 8 blocks and the poly turn up! Those were on my wishlist.. Anyway, interested to hear which IRs you guys like? Here's a little sample of said IR. Enjoying this unit a lot now :)
  3. It's obviously limited, though in my opinion incredibly flexible by form factor. If you use it seriously live as a flyrig, as i do then a morningstar MC6 Mkii its well worth the money. My whole board has infinite switching options now and the rig fits in my suitcase. As someone who usually tours with an AxeFX this little unit does an incredible job for festivals and light, fast setup scenarios. If you want to expand it you can, or just stick it in your guitar bag as a standalone. You want more options, you certainly can have them. The only other thing i purchased was a set of TRS to Male XLR short cables so i could circumvent the need for Di boxes and its now perfectly usable in professional live environments. With the Strymon i now have one power cable to plug in and run everything + two balanced outputs = ready to go in seconds.
  4. ive been using IRs live for many years now, and you've hit the nail right on the head. It's all too common to see the high and low cuts completely ignored and for me, thats right where the magic is that reduces the brittleness amp modelers are often associated with. As im nearly always on in ear monitors its critical for me to get a vibe from the sound, which is always an uphill struggle compared to using a real amp on stage, and eqing the IRs makes it all feel that little step closer to the freq response of a proper guitar amp cone..
  5. Yes, that's no problem at all. Rather than talk you through it, watch this, a practical example makes things a little easier to digest :)
  6. Yes, because its an optical expression pedal. I've always preferred optical because there are no pots to wear out and they are very accurate. It's a great little pedal, very nice feel for something so small.
  7. Just Finished my flyrig and pretty happy with the end result! Suitcase friendly and all powered off the awesome Strymon R30 (helix running off 2X outputs wired in parallel) The MC6 midi controller accepts a far wider range of Expression pedals so i was able to use this compact Mooer perfectly. Now for hours and hours of delightful programming.. :)
  8. Please add snapshot 4 and 5 to the HX Stomp :)
  9. There is mine on a current doubler from the Styrmon Ojai R30. All powered off one cord and working flawlessly :)
  10. Let's be very clear about this for anyone reading (im sure its just a typo) This is a current doubler eg. wired in parallel to keep the voltage the same at 9V! A voltage doubler would be wired in series and thus results in 18V from the two 9V outputs of the PSU. Sorry to be a stickler but its pretty important the difference is understood so we dont let magic smoke out of our shiney new pedals :)
  11. +1 for the morningstar MC6 Mk2. All the switching power you'll ever need!
  12. just checking, you arent accidentally touching any of the three switches are you? Theyre capacitive and when you make adjustments to the knobs you may accidentally be touching on of the three pedal switches which would cause that to flash up. If thats it, go to global settings and turn that off.
  13. The HX stomp uses a slightly larger centre pin than the normal size ones most pedals use. As i the purpose of my Stomp is to only ever live on a pedalboard i clipped the included PSU plug and soldered up to standard ends in parallel myself. I certainly couldn't find any premades for this purpose in these sizes so making one up is probably your only option.
  14. i found this quite informative for the MC6 users:
  15. very good point about the MC6! I think thats the way to go for me, thanks :)
  16. Yea im powering mine just fine with the R30 using two outputs in parallel (current doubling) and so far even with the DSP fully loaded its been absolutely fine. All other outputs are in use and yea, no problems.
  17. Hi All, I seem to be seeing conflicting information on expanding snapshot numbers on the HX stomp. I saw one rep in a video saying that a snapshot 4 and 5 could be achieved with the use of two extra footswitches via the pedal jack with a TRS split cable, is this true? My intention was to use my Morningstar MC6 midi foot controller to run 5 snapshots but looking at the manual i can only see CC numbers for for snapshots 1 - 3. So is the first statement true and the only way to unlock snapshots 4 and 5? If so do i need to winge at Line 6 for the CC commands to be added? Appreciate any clarity on this! Thanks in advance, NJ
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