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Troubles With Dual Amp Settings


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I am trying to work on a channel that has an A and B amp but I can't get any of the settings to stay. I dont even notice them affecting the tone at all. in the mean time I've been using other effects pedals to try to balance out the difference but having the amps function properly would be a lot easier. I notice with amps on preset channels that I can change the settings and it makes a difference but anything with my own custom channel it doesn't do anything. Trying different amps and placing the mic in different positions makes a difference but adjusting bass, mid, treb, presence and such aren't doing anything for me. The most frustrating part is that when im done editing, as soon as I navigate away, they all reset back to zero.

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I make most of my patches with the HD Edit software hooked up to my POD HD 500.  I can listen to the changes I make as I go.  I always make sure not to touch the POD while editing, all changes MUST be done on the computer.  I will periodically save the patch on the computer and then reopen it again!  I have found this seems to alleviate "memory" issues with the software.  It is like you are starting fresh with the patch again.  When I am satisfied or finished working with it I will again save it on the computer and then reload it in the software.  Final step is to press save on the POD, close HD Edit and disconnect USB cord.


My best advice is to work online, save often, never touch the POD when connected to HD Edit, save the final product to the POD and disconnect and you should be OK...

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