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  1. yeah it's not the most intuitive application out there. It does the job though
  2. Send and receive are sitting in a "Panel" of the program where you can "Save" presets either to your computer or to your unit. The terminology is correct.
  3. You've dragged the file to your setlist, or selected the place ypu want that patch in your setlist then double clicked the file? Is the patch the correct one for your unit?
  4. I ended up with a Gator GK-2110. Fits the HD500 nice and snug. Pocket holds plenty with no problem.
  5. Never heard of that...I have a hard enough time getting the preset into the proper slot, let alone two slots simultaneously... I do know that if I edit a preexisting patch, say from setlist 1-2C, then want to save it to setlist 5-12B...when I dial in setlist 5 it defaults to SL5-2C regardless of what already exists in that bank. A bit annoying but I can't expect the board to read my mind in this case.
  6. Use the unit properly then. Create your own preset, in your own setlist. When you need it, you use it. It's a hell of a lot faster than hunting down a particular preset from a spreadsheet :rolleyes: The HD500 comes from the factory with 256 presets across four setlists. Those four setlists contain several repeated patches, meaning that they exist exactly the same across multiple setlists. Those setlists are nothing more than something to demo the capabilities of the unit. Feel free to erase those factory presets, then you have 512 possible patches you can call up at a moment's notice. If the unit is that difficult for you to use, maybe you should not have bought it in the first place. Telling the company to makes the unit that they need to give you a list of the factory settings is just plain silly. If you want it so much, make it yourself. All the HD series units are designed to be a tone-hunter's heaven. You sit down with the unit for some time prior to using it, you dial in the tone you're looking for, then you call it up when you need it. The HD500 contains 4 totally blank setlists, each capable of holding 64 individual patches. There's your 256 blank entries. Build what you want in there. Name them what you want and make them easy to find and use on demand. And frankly, if you've been recording for 30 years and you're heavily involved in creating music, why would you be using a mid-level device rather than 1) the real thing or 2) a more powerful and realistic unit?
  7. It's always good to check the compatibility for anything that you buy before you buy it. This information is on the front page of the model pack page for every pack. For example, the compatibility for the Metal Shop pack is below. Really difficult to miss, actually.
  8. Fairly certain that if I worked for them I wouldn't have the stupid questions that I do
  9. That's exactly my point. It's no longer a profit center, so it does not make any business sense to continue targeting updates for it. Target the new produce, and if backwards compatibility can be achieved at no cost then do it, but don't spend any time focusing on a discontinued product. Line6 is a technology company that focuses on music tech, not a musical instrument company that focuses on technology.
  10. ES335 for the guitar - so a nice hollow/semi with humbuckers, a Fender Tweed combo, and an analog delay for slap. Also play with the amp's EQto fill it out.
  11. Only after the rectifier, otherwise it's impedance ;)
  12. The tubes are 8years old...there's your problem. Would you expect an incandescent light bulb to last that long? Yes, you pushed the tubes further than normal by using 4cm. No that's not the POD's fault. More energy through the tube and you popped them. Basic amplifier maintenance. You can't expect tubes to last forever.
  13. I was also running Logic Pro X, VLC, and Chrome at the same time, but it occurred precisely as I pulled power from the pod. Who knows what happened
  14. Just in case mac users see this...On my OSX Mavericks box the update completed and when I restarted the pedal the Mac went to a kernel panic.
  15. Thanks everyone. I recalibrated the expression pedal, and followed the mix and heel/toe tips. It's sounding better at 45% in the mix with Stumblin's settings on the Vetta so that it's not an icepick. I still need to massage it for my patches but this is a good starting point. This is definitely not an effect that you can just drop in on stage when you need one, it needs a lot of fiddling to be usable
  16. Look at your first post in this thread and let's see who's trolling.
  17. Since the hd500 uses ms instead of bpm, it can be confusing to set the tempo...but there are calculators to help convert a known bpm I to ms. I've posted a link here somewhere... Edit: here it is
  18. A hollowbody or semi-hollow might work better than the banjo body, or a lightweight acoustic body (based on my experience with mandolins)
  19. For L6's business model this would not work. You put your talent on the new gear. If it happens to be backwards compatible then it's an added benefit, but if not who cares. It's a legacy product. It's not generating any revenue for you, so why make it a cost center?
  20. This is excellent
  21. L6 has more overall resources in general. They also haven't got a core product line - they're distributed. The POD is no longer their "bread and butter." They do amplifiers, live sound reinforcement, effects, microphones, etc. No one line is getting more attention than another - the new product is getting the attention. This is to protect them in case one of their product lines fails. They're a larger company, and they focus on what's next. Like many other similar companies they tend to ignore the older product in favor of the newer product. They produce a product that provides the same experience regardless of the user or environment. Fractal, on the other hand, has a single product. They're the boutique operation. They provide a single, very high end, guitar processing solution that is designed for a very particular customer base. Their entire existence surrounds that single product and it's customers. They produce a product that fits exactly what the individual customer is seeking. It's quite the opposite of what L6 does. Apples and Oranges.
  22. Replacing it with a system that you're far more comfortable with is helpful commentary. Just because the advice you receive is not the advice you want does not make it bad advice.
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