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pedal for m20d

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Simple answer is, I guess, NO. Most of the functionality of that item will be irrelevant when used with the M20d


To use aither of the two remote channels you need a simple on/off switch for each. Some of the control options allow use of a momentary type switch, others require a latching switch.

I bought a BOSS FS-6 (to control both) though an FS-7 (new since I bought) will do the same job.

Alternatively, two FS-5's will suffice.


I rigged up a two channel multicore cable with a TRS jack at the footwsitch end, and TS jacks on the mixer end. Used the functionality... ONCE and decided not to bother lol


Palmer have simple switch options too and Radial may even do something though it seems overkill to go down the Radial route for what is essentially an on/off loop.

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