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  1. mapletop

    patch leveling

    hi wonder if i should start patches on 0.0 i have louder one s thats why im asking get in the ball park.thanks
  2. mapletop

    just got this

    sorry if its been asked before.but is the global eq, is it set default for frfr /mixer not set for putting it in front of a amp?i use a frfr and send to the mixer?if its sent to the mixer if i turn the volume knob up does it go up in the mixer?no sound man why i ask once its set the mixer stay and if i couldnt hear myself and turned it up on pedal dont want it to change in the mix?i have a katana and the main knob doesnt change volume going to mixer.i bought some patches and i was in snap shot and it wouldnt let me use the up and down buttons the bank buttons whats that all about .thank s for any help
  3. ok thanks its been a while since i used it like 8 you think i need to look how to get or change password for the apple air ?
  4. hi i have a m20d that i use a apple air port express with ,and got a new ipad to use with it but i forgot the password so i can use the ipad there a way to find out what it is or to change password?
  5. So it looks like both the 2.80 and 2.81 has issues why would you up grade to 2.81 if it has issues?
  6. hi,will the stomp presets and patches work with the helix now that its 2.80
  7. hi,i need to get cables i use the m20d.need mic ,speakers.which type do i need reg ,aes/ebu, or dmx?any brands?
  8. hi, ive loaded song and put numbers in front as to this is the order i want them played in i use windows 10.i use thumb drive it looks good.i put it in m20d there all out of order is there a trick to keeping them in order?
  9. hi we have a gig all hard surface.concrete floors.what would you think would be the best preset on pa speakers to use?
  10. hmmm ,i thought i was speaking into the mic loud enough.but ill try it again.thanks
  11. hi,hope some one can help me m20d everytime i use the auto trim it jacks the volumes up and feedback.what am i doing wrong?
  12. mapletop

    frfr speakers

    was wondering which way you turn your frfr speakers behind you pointing out ,or back at you like a monitor?
  13. hi used this mixer for the 2nd time at gig.ive watched the videos on the begining we had the mains.during the night the mains werent working.we had to turn the monitors around to the crowd to have sound going sure its something i must have done turned the mains off some how.anybody have any ideas?
  14. hi.i just got a Gator G-Tour Pedalboard LWG.ive read where you dont have to take the foam out of the top,then i read you have to cut it.what have you guys done to make it fit
  15. any one know the size of these bags?i have a frfr i want to use these with
  16. i was having trouble keeping my break music on a usb .i wanted them to play in my order i numbered them looked good on the pc the stick,but as soon as i would put it in the m20d they went i figured it out i tired a new usb stick kept all the songs in order .i hope this helps anybody that is having the same problems as i was.
  17. man all your pics cant load.i really wanted to see your case
  18. so this case works out for you ?was there any problem with the heighthelix to the top of case looks like close measurement
  19. thanks ,yes i did fig it out as not to have all the mics to up to that new to this but thank you
  20. mapletop

    sun sheild

    for out side playing i saw that ceba makes sun shield was wondering if anyone here uses them and if so what do they think of them?i have some gigs coming up that are out side if anyone has idea's to shade the helix.let me know thanks again
  21. hi, trying to set this up.i did just as video showed on youtube from line6, had a mic singing into it.then pushed the auto trim then pushed ok when it was done .and it always is way to loud and on the verge of feedback what am i doing wrong?
  22. mapletop


    ive heard this but where or how do you make a octave pedal?so i can assign it to a button.thanks looking for the leslie west thing
  23. was looking for a pedal to work the m20d will a radial big shot aby amplifier switcher work?
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