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Vintage, Marshall-Style "Plexi" TONE !


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THANKS, for your interest . .

( Replies, Welcome !! )


I assure you of personal experience (music production), that the following info will provide you with a satisfying result; based on the Marshall 1959/ 1987 amplifiers. That said, I have ultimately gained the sound-knowledge of these musical machines; whether such be 6L6, or EL34-based TONES. Otherwise, for practical reasons I choose to record through the orig. Line 6 Pod HD Pro modeler, as well . .

Example : I have created a personal program patch which, has an uncanny sonic-resemblance to those particular EL34-loaded amps.

An alternative speaker cabinet *(1x12) was substituted for the typical, matching 4 x12 (due to overall, sweeter tonality).

Provided below, are the exact settings I employ for recording purposes :


Vintage, Marshall-Style Amplifier


1.) Distortion/ Tube Drive : 84%, Bass 51%, Mid 2%, Treble 41%, Output 75%
2.) Dynamics/ Blue Comp : Sustain 14%, Level 98%
3.) Dynamics/ Boost Comp : Drive 70%, Bass 50%, Comp 5%, Treble 40%, Output 53%
4.) Brit P-75 : *112 BF Deluxe, 421 Dynamic
5.) Volume A : -3.0 dB, Pan A/ L 96%
6.) Volume B : +1.0 dB, Pan B/ R 91%
7.) Studio EQ : Low Freq. 700 Hz, Low Gain -1, High Freq 200 Hz, High Gain -1.1, Gain -0.4
8.) Reverb : '63 Spring, Decay 19%, P. Delay 21 Ms, Tone 27%, Mix 84%,
9.) FX Loop : Send -25.0, Return +14.0, Mix 92%.

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