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FBV Express MKII Not working with Spider V 30

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I recently bought a used FBV Express MkII for my Spider V 30 amp. However, the pedal board doesn't do anything when plugged into the amp. When plugged in before the amp is turned on, the light beside the A footswitch (no matter what preset the amp is on) will light up but none of the buttons work. When I plug it in while the amp is already on, the light beside the letter for the current preset lights up but none of the buttons work still. I had tried updating the flash memory of the FBV but it still does the same. The FBV is recognized by my computer though. 

The amp is brand new. I bought it less than a month ago. The cable is brand new, I bought it a week ago to use with this. There are no bent or broken pins in either the amp or FBV. I have no clue what's going on but I would really like for this to work. 


The previous owner of the FBV didn't have a cable to use for the amp so I assume he was using it solely as a midi controller but he claims to have barely used it.

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Sounds like you need to perform the "Calibrate" function from the FAQ:


FBV Express Mk. II:


1) Hold D while powering on the FBV. Upon release, the pedal display will read 1.


2) Press and hold the pedal toeswitch until the 7 segment display changes to 2. This should occur instantly.


3) Set the heel to the heel (minimum) position, press the D button. The 7 segment display will change to 3.


4) Set the toe position (maximum) and press the D button. The tuner LEDs above the 7 segment display will light.


5) Move the pedal and verify that the tuner LEDs sequentially turn off as the pedal moves to the minimum position, and refills when moved to the maximum position.


6) Press D to exit


I had to do this on mine after a firmware upgrade, but it worked correctly afterwards.

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Just to double-check.   What cable is it that you are using?    Is it an Ethernet like cable, or a USB?  I happen to be using a blue CAT 6 cable I found as my controller also happens to be a used one.   USB is only for connecting to a PC for firmware or to act as a controller for a software application.    


You more than likely have the correct cable.   I'm just asking just in case..

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Hi,I just bought a used FBV express 4 button footswitch & it worked fine,I attempted to factory reset it to program new effects to each button by holding down the A&D button together as instructed & now there's no sound from amp when my pedals connected to my line6 spider 2×10 120watt amp. How do I get pedal to work again? 

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