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Powercab Strange Power-on Behavior


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I am running a blue LIne 6 link cable from my Helix Rack to the left channel Powercab+ and then a 10 foot DMX cable from the left channel Powercab+ to the right channel Powercab+, all using Line 6 link. I use a power conditioner that first turns on the Helix and then the Powercabs after a few seconds of delay.


After the Powercabs turn on, they click and pop for a while and the sound turns on and off randomly from each cab. After maybe 30 seconds of this, they stay on and work fine for the rest of the time I am playing.


Anyone else experience this?

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I don't understand all.

You talk about L6 link and right/left channel..... You don't have to plug XLR output into L6 link input...

If you use L6 link, you have to go from your helix L6 link output (the red one) to the first PC+, then the same output from this fisrt PC+ to the second one.

The other method is to plug with XLR : XLR left/mono to the input (XLR 1 or 2 following your setups) of one PC+ and the right helix's XLR to the other PC+ (XLR 1 or 2)....

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Yes, I am. And I also have to restart the right PC+  to get any sound sometimes. It will have sound, then pop and no sound on right PC+. Once I restart it, it comes up ok most of the time. Acts like a midi conflict of some sort causing this, but each PC+ is set to its own midi channel.

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