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How Do I Change Preset With A Footswitch On Ux2?

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I know this has probably been discussed 1000x but I still cant figute out how to do this.
Okay, so I´ve got this footswitch for my tube amp


First of all, will this thing work for my UX2??

If so, how can I set it up so that I can change presets with this thing.
As an easy example.
There´s the Smells like teen Spirit clean and Smells like teen Spirit distorted tone.
How can I set this up so that by pressing one button on the footswitch I will change from clean to distorted and backwards.

I´ve already discovered this MIDI CC thing in the Control Panel at Line 6 Audio Devices but I do not get how to do so.
Please, can anybody help me?? :/

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Here's what you need to read to set it up. 




I'm not sure whether that footswitch will work or not.  The footswitch inputs are looking for a Tip/Sleeve connector connected to an On/Off switch.  You have two footswitches conncted to a Tip/Ring/Sleeve connector.  Having said that, I believe that is to a Peavy Rockmaster (I have one) and is worth trying.  It will only switch one thing but I think there will be enough of a connection that one of the switches will work but only one.  I'm pretty sure you won't get both fooswitches to work. 


Wait, I just had an idea.  Try using an adaptor.  Female 1/4" Tip/Ring/Sleeve to two Male 1/4" Tip/Sleeve connectors.  Something like this




I'll bet if you connbect both male TS connectors to both of the UX2's footswitch inputs, they will act like two seperate switches.  Try it.  I'm very sure you can't hurt anything.

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Hey, sorry for that quite late reply, but I didnt have enough time in the last days to respond.

Ive already stumbled across this document and tbh I didnt quite get what it was saying.

This is what I have in PodFarm:


and this in the MIDI control settings


Anything wrong here?
No switch is working at all by the way, tested both of them, but I dont necessarily need two.
It´ll be quite cool ofc.

Could something like this work?


A simple single footswitch?

Thanks for your effort btw, I hope we can solve my problem! :)

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Sorry for double post but can anyone help me with this?
I am about to order stuff so I might include a footswitch.
Or does anyone have the answer to my problem (what I described with the pictures)?


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i still have the same problem. 


i am doing a project for school which is by making strange sounds and stuff, so i went through my POD farm2 presets and found ''Double Synth'' 

i am gonna play live. and i want to switch between a clean sound (adam and eve amplifier + Speaker ) and the ''double synth'' preset BY FOOT


for some extra information , my gear looks like this,

-from my BASS guitar to my BOSS ME50B multieffect pedal.

-from my BOSS ME50B left out to my Behringer Graphic EQ

-from my Behringer Graphic EQ i to my Line6 POD

-and from my POD to

1: my laptop (running POD Farm 2)


2: to an Hartke VX3500 Bass Guitar Amp Combo


so i am willing to purchase a Foot Switch, i dont know if it Should be single of Dubble or how these Footswitches ectually work 

or is there an other option to do this?


i hope to get some respond quick since i need to solve this ''problem''


Greetings from Dean

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