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Helix listet twice in audio settings


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i am on a mac and my problem is that the helix somehow is listed twice in the audio settings and sadly the mac sometimes chooses the "wrong" one.


it is listed as "helix audio" and as "line6 helix lt".


it is relly weird and causes some problems because one of these two does not work properly.


this is a completely new mac and i have only one driver installed...

i have no clue why it is this way.


how can i fix this?

i assume somehow deinstalling the driver and reinstalling would be appropriate?

or maybe i can somehow delete the "wrong" one that does not work properly?


thank you for tips on how i can solve it!


----> Update: Here is the Answer:


for anyone who has the same problem:


1) mac os possibly blocks the driver.

go to your mac system preferences -> security

there should be a button to allow the driver.

more on this here:


2) when you start your mac and the helix (lt) at the same time it can happen that the driver will not work.

in this case power off the helix off and power on again.

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