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Can Anyone Recommend An Amp Cover For A Dt50 212 Combo?


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Hi all


I've just taken delivery of a DT50 212 to complete my 'dream rig'.


Fun & Games taking this puppy (or is it a Great Dane?) to its first gig last week... Apart from carefully nursing it in and out of the back of my car I had to lug it up, (and then down), three flights of stairs. Thankfully I had the help of a mate who'd volunteered to roadie for me. I reckon that was the first and last time though.


Although I avoided any bumps, sratches or tears to the tolex I clearly I need a DECENT heavy duty amp cover. I'd thought about a flight case, but don't want to add any more weight in the boot than the back axle of my car, or my mate's spine, can stand. Long live rock'n'roll... :D


I'm based in the UK and, whilst Silverstone was always regarded as a good manufacturer in the past, I've been reading some recent reviews about dreadful customer service. For me therefore, they are a "no go"


Would be grateful for some advice!


All the Best,




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I bought a DT25 cover from ROQSOLID who are based in the UK - they are very good. Quick service and good hard wearing heavy duty covers.  You can ask them to make custom made covers just by providing dimensions or you can buy one of their ready made ones for popular amps - and they cover the Line6 range.


Their website is here:


But you order your amp covers from here:


And I did a search for DT50 and they do provide ready made one covers for DT50 range including 212:

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