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Pod Hd300 As Pedal Board


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Hey all,

I usually only use my PODs for home recording but I've been considering using my HD300 live as a multi effects unit. I'm not interested in using the amp models live since I'm quite satisfied with and like the sound of my amp. If I'm not mistaken the HD300 has a "pedal board mode." I've also been wondering if this board would be capable of operating my amp's midi channel switching.


It would basically be like using the pod like a GLab gsc only there would be no stomp boxes as the pod has all the effects. Anyone tried something like this? 

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I use my 500 as my pedal board using the 4CM (4-cable method). It's awesome: basically, you plug your guitar into the Pod, use whatever stomp boxes you want in front of the amp, then create an "FX Loop" box, plug the Pod's FX Send into the front of your amp, plug your amp's FX Send into the Pod's FX Return, then plug your Pod's output into the amp's FX return.


Works great with my Mesa Mark V; there is a noticeable amount of "tone suck" but it's not a deal-breaker. It's to be expected with any A/D/A conversion...


I've got no idea about using the pod to change your amp's channels... it'd be nice the Mark V had that capability; then I'd have one of the foot switches change from my amp's OD channel to the clean channel and kick on a compressor and phaser (or something). That'd be great.

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I've run my HD500 the same, same amp, too.  Works really well.  I use an RJM Mini Amp Gizmo to change the MkV's channels.  Works wonderfully.

If you decide to add a MAG, make sure you read the manual and set it up correctly before connecting to your MkV or you'll get the perpetual channel changing (gear grinding) result.  I don't have the MAG manual in front of me or d/l'd, but I think it has something to do with the three channel amp setup.


Trust one of these, implement it into your MkV/HD500 setup and be happy.

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