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  1. It's an interesting, sad and noteworthy fact that these (specifically Line 6) products we're so happy with and rave about upon release until the "next new one" comes along simply do not retain much, if any after-market value. Coupled with the recent ownership change-over, one is almost required to give away perfectly functional and excellent, like-new product. Seemingly much like computers and cars...once you get 'em "off the lot," they immediately lose value. :(
  2. First off...if this is not permitted, I've not found that advisory on quick look, apologize and am perfectly fine with immediate post removal. That said; although I enjoy it every time I play it, I am simply not playing it, therefore, thought this might be the place to solicit my JTV-69SSS (Shoreline Gold) & HD500 rig. I've tried a bit locally with no avail, as people simply have no idea how awesome this combo is until they've tried it and are putting it to use. POD HD500 (non-X version) JTV-69SSS w/gig bag & all accessories Line 6 Variax Cable Custom made Variax cable M-Audio Expression Pedal Hardshell Road Case $1200 total (not including PP and shipping) Hi-res photos available upon request. All is in excellent condition. PM me if interested. Located in 43402. Local deal would be great. I'm willing to travel within a couple/few hour radius.
  3. I guess I want to make it clear that, although I understand how it could be interpreted as such, it is not my intent to "blame" as opposed to speculate and/or question. I could care less who owns the Line 6 name as long as good product and excellent customer and product support remain. Important point noted, kmoed. MIDI is vital for my application. Thanks for the responses.
  4. In contemplating adding an HD300 or HD400 as an FX/MIDI pedal, I see they are no longer available at my favorite online music instrument retailer and seem to be very scarce at others. The HD500X is still there, but not these two and I was considering them, as the amp/cab sim's are of little interest for my intended use. Is this old news or new developments post Yamaha acquisition?
  5. I've run my HD500 the same, same amp, too. Works really well. I use an RJM Mini Amp Gizmo to change the MkV's channels. Works wonderfully. If you decide to add a MAG, make sure you read the manual and set it up correctly before connecting to your MkV or you'll get the perpetual channel changing (gear grinding) result. I don't have the MAG manual in front of me or d/l'd, but I think it has something to do with the three channel amp setup. Trust me...buy one of these, implement it into your MkV/HD500 setup and be happy.
  6. I specifically came onto the forum last night hoping for a resolve to this very issue, so thanks a bunch all of you who've addressed this and provided your time and results. For me, it really does improve the instrument a lot. Thank You. Thank You!
  7. Then I'd need to charge the battery, which I almost never do 'cause I purchased the toutedly innovative Line 6 VDI cable and the "cool" one being solicited within the forum, which is - in fact - "cool" and much preferred over the stiff L6 cable. I know it's an unfortunate unknown and I do appreciate your continued support within the forum and response, Zap, just blowin' off steam.
  8. Why are we having to wait so long for the JTV's AND Workbench HD to work through the POD (HD500) variax connection? This really needs to be working. Having to connect the junk (IMO) box just to access this touted "High Definition" software simply doesn't make sense and is a big step backward…again, in my opinion. If this software is to be truly useful, I want (need) to hear the changes through the POD HD500 as I make them. I can't overstate how ridiculous the concept is to me that this would be made non-functioning within a purported software upgrade.
  9. I bought the RED pedal, as well, and A/B'd it with the Eleven Rack. I was startled at how precisely the Eleven Rack nailed this pedal's tone and feel. So much so that I ended up (surprisingly - as I'd waited quite some time to accrue the cash to fix my jones for the pedal) returning the pedal. I really do hope the Line 6 models this amp soon. Especially as well as Avid has.
  10. Good vid's. I've been thinking of going this exact route until yesterday. I was able to plug JTV/HD500 straight into a PA and get pretty good results, learned some stuff, have tweaked settings today and expect to be able to run with just these two pieces for a cover band gig. Damn close to dream rig (in the cover band sense) as I'm gonna get for quite some time. That said; I'm still salivating for that amp. Must refrain...
  11. I could be off my rocker, however, I do feel a better sense of accuracy with regard to palm muting. I presume others will chime in on this subject. EDIT: Yeah...I seem to have a better PM sense with this, however, I'm really uncertain about my decisions, 'cause the only thing I've done is update via L6 Monkey with my POD HD500 connected and JTV connected to it. I have not accessed the WBHD software, yet, 'cause my battery has no charge - I'm always plugged into the HD500 with it. Am I losing my mind...anyone...??? OK...with regard to the PM question only. I already know about my mind with regard to other subjects. :-)
  12. Zap...thank you for clarifying this. I really appreciate your quick response and hope Line 6 will address this capability in the near future.
  13. Crusty...do I have this straight? I have my Line 6 JTV69-SSS connected to my Line 6 POD HD500 (not "X" because I bought mine when it came out, thinking Line 6 surely must've put their best into this top of the line floor unit, as opposed to figuring that out later and putting out a supplemental version after the fact) via a Line 6 Variax connection cable AND I CANNOT use the new today Line 6 JTV Workbench HD software? I've got it all connected, d/l'd the latest WB software, double-clicked it and it's not able to connect to my guitar because - and I quote: "Workbench HD requires that the James Tyler Variax is connected to your computer using the Variax USB Interface" Does this really mean the $50 Variax cable and $500 HD500 are worthless in the Workbend HD signal chain and that I need to unwrapped the as yet to be used cables and interface in order to be able to use the released today Workbench HD software? Do I have this straight? Cynicism and sarcasm typed with the sincerest regards. Your (and/or anyone else's) time in response is greatly appreciated. ~Brian
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