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Looking for Gibson SG model or ideas on how put one together

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Title says it all. Searching for past discussions did not find anything ... 

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11 hours ago, hurghanico said:

... but I've just noticed that the JTVs don't offer anymore the Lester Custom body neither the Lester Custom pickups, unless you revert the firmware to the no HD version..





Who knows, the LP Special body could come close the SG one..


for some ideas: https://line6.com/support/topic/7159-sg-sound-on-jtvariax/?do=findComment&comment=55253

It is true, on hd version they reduced the bodies  a lot. They added,though, the neutral body, that is a mahogany and the jtv 89 pickups, metal sound. With this combination, one can get a pretty close sound to the sg.

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1 hour ago, hurghanico said:


Insteresting your SG recipe.


In fact a body made only of mahogany (like the one you are referring to) should work pretty well as a base to create an SG.

Then as you know for the pickups it depends on which SG you want to recreate, if the type used by Santana with P90s or the one used by Angus Young with low output PAF humbuckers, probably also their positioning has its importance.


I see that in the hd version they excluded also the les paul jr body, perhaps the best guitar model they ever made, and they excluded also some pickups.

So true. The gibson custom was my favorite on original vax, and danelectro is also altered. Now the danelectro is the best body for strat guitar, the gretch is great for gibson (59 sound), the neutral for modern, the 320 for the semi models... Go figure.


Took me years to match the guitars to originals, a lot of body swaps, but was worth the effort.

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