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What Midi pedal to switch presets on HX Stomp & HX Effects?


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  I am hoping to get some insight on what people use to change presets on the  HX Stomp and the HX Effects...I do not want to bend down every time that I want to change a preset.


my current setup up is my midi pedal, MeloAudio Midi Commander out to my HX Stomp then out of the Stomp into my HX Effects. The Commander works perfectly although it only allows me to go through 33 presets of the Stomp. I need to access all 128 presets with a midi pedal. I am currently playing in two different bands and I create a single song to a preset. Hence, I want to have all 128 songs to the 128 presets.


Every midi pedal that I have looked at is not clear on two things...

1) How many banks of presets  I can go up and down.

2) Can I have the display coincide with my HX Stomp on which preset I am actually on.

The MeloAudio is great in that regard. When I’m on preset say number one, the HX Stomp and the HX Effects Switch to number one also and I can clearly see all three pedals are showing that info. Too bad it only goes as high as 33 presets.


i have looked at the Boss MS3 but I wonder if that is just overkill in the effects. I’m not sure if I would use much of the onboard effects on the Boss just to have the ability to switch through all 128 presets.


I have also looked at the simple Tech21 Midi Mouse and Midi Mongoose But I think they only display up to 99 preset changes.


if I had a simple Midi pedal that displayed bank up and down ranging from 0-127 or 1-128 that would be all I need. But you all know that trying to find a basic need on the internet can be the hardest thing to find...


I have attached my current setup.

Any thoughts are appreciated,



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25 minutes ago, chrismkane said:

Thank you...I will check that out.




Morningstar is the best. I bought the midi commander too because it saves money, but the preset thing is odd I agree.


Another great choice is the DMC Micro, but it only has two buttons so there are other limitations.

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Thanks to you both...I had the .micro and it worked good. The Morningstar looks great but the only one that I found was from Singapore. Not sure how long that would take to get here? I have had some bad experiences buying from over seas...not that I won’t again, I’m just hesitant.after talking to a cool guy from Sweetwater I have decided to try the very plain Tech 21 Midi Mouse. He said it is a basic up/down control that goes from 1-128. Which is exactly what I’m looking for...Plus it has a smaller footprint than my MeloAudio, so I might have room for another pedal or a couple mini pedals....So I got that going for me....lol


i do appreciate your replies though...

have a great rest of the weekend,


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