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Variax Guitar And Dt Series Amp Questions

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First time poster guys…so thank you in advance for your input.   I am looking to upgrade all of my current gear (mainly my XT Live and Cyber Twin SE).  My plan is to get a HD500X and either a DT-25 or DT-50.   I am also looking to possibly getting a JTV.   I have 4 basic questions...


1.  In the JTV-69 and JTV-69S, what would be the benefits/negatives of having the humbucker pickup at the bridge as opposed to the single coil?   

2.  I play many different types of music…from heavy alternative to praise and worship.   I play both lead and rhythm.  Is the 69 series my best option?  

3.  With the DT amps…I play mostly at home in my basement, but may eventually get back into playing at church.   Our sanctuary holds roughly 3000 and is fairly open and a good sound system.  Is the DT-25 my best option?

4.  Also, I have only ever owned a combo amp.  Is there any sound difference/benefit of having a stack (i.e. DT-25 w/cabinet)?


Thanks everyone!!

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Great decision to upgrade to the POD HD500X, you will love it.  It takes some work with the learning curve but it is a beast.  Based on what you are looking to do, I would stick with just the POD for now.  The POD will serve you well at church with a feed straight to the PA and you can go straight in to the stereo FX loop on your current amp to just use the power section and speakers.  That will be great for both at home and as your stage monitor/backline.  There is no advantage really between the combo and the head.  Really depends more on if you already have speaker cabs you want to keep using and how much gear you want to lug around to gigs.  


Save the $800 plus on the DT and get the JTV instead.  Between the POD and the JTV, you will have the best parts of the dream rig.  You may decide to complete the rig later but you should also consider the L2T as well.  It will give you all your electric tones and also amazing acoustic tones.  It also connects with the L6 link for ease of use and integration.


As for the single coil vs humbucker, that is a never ending discussion and strictly personal taste.  The JTV's can function perfectly well with just the mag pickups so it is your choice on which model you prefer.  Once you use the Variax models, there is no difference.

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