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Controlling effect parameters on Helix Floor with MIDI + LFOs etc in a DAW


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I'm interested in buying a Helix Floor and have been consuming all the information I can find on the internet after demoing one for a bit in a guitar shop earlier this week. One thing I can't seem to find (m)any answers on though -- what is the extent of the midi control of parameters on the floor model? I think my intended use (guitar-based sound design/experimental music) is a little different to the people I've seen making videos, who typically discuss midi control of preset switching/effect on/off OR controlling Ableton sessions *with* the Helix. So I haven't been able to find answers to the following:


- Is it possible to hook up a midi controller (say, an Ableton Push II, or, much simpler, something like a Novation Zero SL Mk II) and control effect parameters? Can the Helix Floor handle the same MIDI message being sent to multiple parameters so I can control lots of things in a preset with one knob? Can this be mediated through a DAW? What I have in mind here is Push II plugged into my laptop, controlling stuff on Ableton but also controlling stuff on the Helix.

- Is it possible to use automation in a DAW (specifically Ableton) to control effect parameters in real time? Can I also use Ableton's Max devices (keeping things simple, let's say LFO) to control effect parameters? I suppose the obvious answer here is "use Helix Native", but I'd like to have all the accessibility of the pedals + the DSP handled away from the computer.


Thanks for any information you can give me, and apologies if this can be found in an obvious place!

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The answer to both of those questions is yes. You can map any CC (as long as it’s not reserved for something else) to control the bypass state of any block, and you can map any CC to control whatever parameters you want (limited to 64 parameters in total). There isn’t a fixed CC map because, well, there’s way more possible parameters you could have in a preset than there are available CCs.

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