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FBV Express MKII on Spider V 120

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Can I have the FBV buttons A, B, C, D do anything else but switch between registers within one bank? Can I have e.g. one button switch between banks?

I have FBV control software running but whatever I change there does not seem to have any effect on the board...

Any ideas?




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No, you cannot change how the Express operates with the amp - the functions are part of the amp's control system.  You can use the Express buttons to do different things as a MIDI controller through the software.

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37 minutes ago, wijobe said:

Thanks for the answer. Is there any experience what a Line6 shortboard would be able to do in combination w/ a Spider V?

According to this page: https://line6.com/foot-controllers/fbv-shortboard-mkii  the shortboard is compatible with the Spider V, so should be able to access all the features.

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Yes, i saw this , thanks!...do you happen to know whether that would be true only for the shortboard mkII or also for the older version w/o USB? I was wondering what the USB would help me with if everything is handled by the amp anyhow. For your understanding: I have a good offer for an older shortboard....

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