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Stomp signal in/out routing question


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I'm not sure I have the correct heading for this question,but here goes.

Is it possible with the Stomp to do the following ?

send fuzz/overdrive Stomp pedals to front input of a valve amp

Plus a left/right signal path,with Amp modelling & L/R effects to 2 x Monitor type amp/speakers(such as Laney IRT-X),so 3 routes?

I've downloaded the Manual & it looks like it may be possible,but  just thought i'd ask,because i'm usually wrong with modelling/effects use.(smiley).

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10 hours ago, Kilrahi said:

It would depend on what complexity you want. If all three paths agree significantly different than not really, no. You run out of blocks far too quickly.

Thanks Kilrahi.i'll read the Manual some more to find out what "blocks" are,i've read that 6 are allowed,but I don't know if that is a total figure or it can be per "PATH".

I don't own a Stomp yet,but I'm doing as much learning as I can before "buying" one on 30 days return.


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A 'block' is any signal processing element in the path. An amp is a block, an FX selection is a block, a VOL pedal is a block, an Input/Output element is a block, etc. Each block requires some amount of signal processing (DSP) capacity ; some blocks require more, others less. By 'running out of blocks' we mean not having sufficient DSP capacity remaining to add more blocks. Some devices have dynamic DSP management, meaning you can add blocks freely until the capacity is reached. Others ensure that the capacity is never reached by limiting the number of blocks allowed.

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3 hours ago, Old-Rocker said:

So,from reading the Manual, it looks like a total of 6 blocks maximum are available across all paths,so if 2 paths where used a maximum of 6 blocks divided between both paths,is this correct ?



Yes, that's correct.

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