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  1. I'm really interested in the posts in this thread,i have just bought a Stomp & would love to get to the level where I could use it in a gigging situation,so subscribing.(smiley ?)
  2. Thanks,Silverhead i'm a numb scull with this stuff, but i'll give it a go. Sorry just not getting this. Update:this is working thanks Silverhead,what was/is confusing me is,the "name" of the selected block doesn't change with the selected "state",unless I "touch" the switch,but the small indicator blocks on the Stomp display are showing on/off states. Ha!,i see what's happening the "name/label" only appears with the led status,so when the led is "dimmed" the name is not displayed,but you probably already know this(smiley). Again thanks for your help,now I know what to look for I've also found the instruction in the "pilots guide".
  3. I have just bought a HX Stomp & i'm fumbling my way through it. I'm trying to switch between 2 Pre Amps(A & B),I have each pre in it's own block on a signal path,can I configure them so that I can switch between A & B(or one or the other)using a single footswitch,so when the footswitch is pressed ON it switches between pre amps from A to B. I hope this makes sense,i'm finding it difficult to put it in writing(smiley). Thanks.
  4. So,from reading the Manual, it looks like a total of 6 blocks maximum are available across all paths,so if 2 paths where used a maximum of 6 blocks divided between both paths,is this correct ? Thanks.
  5. Thanks Kilrahi.i'll read the Manual some more to find out what "blocks" are,i've read that 6 are allowed,but I don't know if that is a total figure or it can be per "PATH". I don't own a Stomp yet,but I'm doing as much learning as I can before "buying" one on 30 days return. Thanks,again.
  6. I'm not sure I have the correct heading for this question,but here goes. Is it possible with the Stomp to do the following ? send fuzz/overdrive Stomp pedals to front input of a valve amp Plus a left/right signal path,with Amp modelling & L/R effects to 2 x Monitor type amp/speakers(such as Laney IRT-X),so 3 routes? I've downloaded the Manual & it looks like it may be possible,but just thought i'd ask,because i'm usually wrong with modelling/effects use.(smiley).
  7. Hi,datacomms.I'm too old to get mushy,but a REALLY big thank you for posting this video,it has helped me enormously. Since my first attempts with modelling pedals,i've been useless at getting them anywhere to a decent Amp sound,also I have never used effects except for a couple of different fuzz boxes in the mid 60's(when it became compulsory),so watching Jasons vid has made me realise that my lack of effects knowledge,is probably the major reason for me struggling so much with Amp models. I have of course watched loads of patch building vids before,but the way he builds the patch & explained it(the important bit) has made the penny drop,without having the eq/comp/cabs set up correctly it's probably impossible to get the "amps" sounding right. I know most of the members on here & other forums,will read this & think of course "lollipop head",but I've been gigging for 60 years & only used Guitar straight into Amp(except for the fuzz box period),so I have never realised the importance of the "tools" to get to grips with Amp modelling. This is a big deal for me,i actually think that by copying or referring to these vids,i can possibly get to grips with this,i've never thought this before !! I'm going to take the plunge & buy a Helix,i'll start with the Stomp & then see where this goes(hope my long suffering wife doesn't read this). Oh & i'm also going to subscribe to his channel & how the hell do you get the smileys working !!. Once again thanks,A LOT.
  8. Thanks,datacommando.i'll go through these,one of the advantages of the "old" bit is I have the time(as long as the time doesn't stop).
  9. Sadly(for me)datacommando is correct (again),i'm just trying to avoid buying the Hardware without having some idea of where to start with it. So getting a feel for ploughing through how to start "programming" a Helix without the buying one is out !!(no smileys again).
  10. Hi,i've looked for the answer to this but can't find it,is it possible to run/use Helix Edit in "Demo" mode only,or does it need a helix attached to use it ?. Thanks.
  11. Thanks,"again".This definitely does make sense,i would be getting to deep into a hole I may not be able to get out of,i hadn't realised Native had to be part of a recording software set up. I guess I will have to do a sale or return deal(don't like the idea,but),I actually do have access to a really good playback system in the form of a "DEQX"controlled 3 way Hi-Fi system,which can play back at high levels,but I would want the playback to be Guitar suitable stage gear. I wonder if you mind me asking a simple basic question about HX stomp that i'm trying to figure out as we "speak" ,which is does Stomp only allow playback of a Single Amp & not Dual Amps as is the case for the full Helix units Cheers & thanks for your help & time.
  12. Thanks,datacommando.so sounds as if my presonus should get me going,am I correct it thinking,i can download Native & use it as standalone software?or do I have to use a DAW ?. When I typed DAW it felt a bit frightening,i have no idea how to go about setting that up(smiley face again). Yes i'm a bit worried about the "trial" period,it will probably take me a week just to get it going. What i'm trying to do is get Native working from my laptop(yes I actually have a laptop),to see if I can get my head round getting a good Amp sound(to my ears)with native,before I invest in a Helix device,which I would only use for playing live,i am getting too old(sorry) for lugging valve combos around. So i'm getting together a few different playback options,FRFR/power Amp & 2x 12",my Combo s/r/making sure my presonus is reasonable/.,to sort of have all my ducks in a row,before I do the Download. I've had a couple of miserable failures before with Modelling pedals,so with the improvements that have been made with Modeling since Helix(and a couple of others),i'm going to give it as good a shot as I can.
  13. It doesn't sound like many of you guys do small pubs in Liverpool(can't get the smileys to work),which leads to another comment I have never seen a Guitarist using a Helix level modeller(or anything else of that quality)in pub world,except 1 young band with no backline & electric drums & a good D&B pa,they sound great.
  14. Hi,i'm thinking of downloading the Native Demo & I have no idea(or not much)about using software,i have a PreSonus AudioBox USB & I have a question, Is this interface box sufficient to give me a fair to good indication of the Amp modelling quality of the Native software & maybe further down the road a Helix hardware device ? Hope this isn't a stupidly basic question,i really am a novice with this stuff(an old one) . Cheers.
  15. Lakas,i think it might be best to start a new thread with your question,i think it may get buried/ignored in this thread,of course i'm not suggesting this just because i'm really interested in the replies :D
  16. I've read(but I don't have Helix or a G10),that the more robust G30 receiver can be used with a G10 transmitter.
  17. I know as I type this I shouldn't get involved in the FRFR discussion,but i'm too old to start learning lessons now :rolleyes: . In fact I may be learning I've deleted my long winded response :D
  18. Yes you are correct,but as I said in my second post I now have Reaper running,but I just don't need all the stuff with it,so I thought try Savihost & it was only once I followed your link I realised I couldn't use the Cab loader with the Amp plug in(LePou),i should say that my next step is try LePou through 3 types of playback systems,to get a feel for the sound & what to expect,before downloading Native. I have no idea how necessary the Cab loader is to give me a benchmark for Native,hence my question,about not being able to load it. i do appreciate the help & info & i'm not trying to change the goal posts,i'm just reacting to stuff as I go along :)
  19. thanks,twpmeister.i've checked out the link,i've read on the site that only 1 vst can be loaded with Savihost,does that mean if I download it to my amp sim,i can't include the cab impulse,which is a separate .dll,or am I misunderstanding this.?
  20. Thanks for the replies & sorry for the late response,instead of asking more questions,i decided to download Reaper 64 & a Free Amp plug + an i.r. loader & a Cab i.r.. I also bought a used PS Audio Box as my Guitar interface. I went this route to see if I could get it all working,before downloading the Native trial,i wanted to spend the inevitable days of trial & error with the Free amp sims(etc),so that I could possibly get the maximum use out of the Native software. Well I finally got my Guitar playing back through the Sims,but it's all a bit hit & miss & cluncky,because really I have no idea what i'm doing. I now want try the same thing with "Savihost"?,to see if I can get that working,i really don't need all the stuff in Reaper & seems like taking a sledge hammer to crack a nut,but I have no idea if Savihost will be any easier :( Is there an official site to download Savihost?,I can only find 3rd party downloaders & i'm twitchy about 3rd party stuff. I should point out i'm only trying the Native software with a view to buying a Helix LT,but having failed miserably with 4 previous modellers,it seems like a good idea to go this route. To Triryche,no I no longer have the 500X(I have tried 2 & a DT25,with no useable gigging results.
  21. I've been on the forum before with HD500X(twice),but failed with it. :( I want to try the Helix Native demo,but I have NO experience with recording software,is there a way of getting Native working as a sort of stand alone editor(like HD edit,with learning a DAW?. I've read something on another forum about a software app. that may let me do that,but thought i'd ask the question here.
  22. Can i just say,i tried a GA212,with a HD500X & luckily for me,i couldn't get it working through the S/R(probably because i had the 500X S/R set wrong,lickily i had bought the GA on S.O.R.,because as an amplifier(with or without the 500X),it was the worst sounding Amp i have EVER plugged into,but i also have to say,that that was with the Pre-Amp in the circuit,but be carefull,yhere is a reason they had such a short lifespan & where offered at crazy blowout prices.
  23. Nice to see some of us are still here,maybe I'll think up a new thread. B) What's a Helix :rolleyes: ?.
  24. Old-Rocker

    Hello !

    All quiet in DT world,i'd just thought i'd let you all know,that at least I'm,still alive,hope everybody else is :D .
  25. Well i finaly,got to use the DT25HD & Cab last night at gigging volume,these are my thoughts. To use Channel switching with Different topologies is going to be tricky,as probably every DT owner knows,there can be big volume differences,which may be able to be dialed out with more experience?. Anyway to get to the important bit,the sound quality & gigging level suitability. With our 3 piece Rocky/Power blues type band,no problem with mixing with the caveman :) . Topology 1: useless for me way too clean,i started playing in the 50's when clean didn't really exist & i've not moved on much. Topology 2: may be ok with a bit more familiarity,but immediate impression,not enough Body(a bit Marshally?) Topology 3:I could & probably will use this setting,with gain whacked up(a lot)good driving gutsy sound & with Guitar volume backed off,cleans up really enough for me a bit like my old AC30TB (the one with the white control panel on the back). Topology 4:This setting alone is worth the price of admission(for me),the best highish gain channel i have ever played through,i could cover our whole set -list with Top 4, Channel A: with the gain backed off to about 10'to,I could go from 50's rock & roll(with Guitar volume just cracked open to a Great rocky bluesy rhythm(with Guitar volume at about half way,to a nice rock lead with Guitar full up really sings. Channel B:Will do enough gain that most everybody playing in a Pub band could ask for,even decent Metal. So,Topology 4 is great & once i've sorted out maybe 1 more Topology,this Amp can be the best Amp i've ever used(i tend to cotton on to an Amp i like pretty quick)& then stick with them 'till they become un-reliable or sadly too heavy, I'm going to just check i'm not delusional about the sound over the next few gigs(i don't think i am)then i'll buy another to keep it company. 2 of these should sound amazing on stage,can't wait :rolleyes: . Anyway that's my little revue & thoughts
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