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HX Stomp as in ear monitor mixer


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I want to share this idea with you guys.

(I already shared this idea on FB's Hx stomp page, I hope this is ok with the forum)


What if we could use the HX Stomp (and nothing else) as a two channel personal in ear monitor mixer?


We are already able to use the Return as an AUX IN so that we can jam on backing tracks, hearing both guitar and our external source.

In a similar way we could feed to the AUX IN the signal (mono or stereo) coming from a mixing board's monitor out with, let's say, drums, bass and vocals, and mix it with our guitar, so that we have exactly the in ear mix we need.

There's only one major problem: what you hear in your headphones is the same as what gets out from the L/R OUTPUTS, even if you set the VOLUME control to act only on the headphones.
By having the option of routing the AUX signal ONLY to the headphones this would be feasible, maybe adding an AUX IN volume control (in Global settings - Ins/Outs).


Is it just me or this would be awesome?

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yes that would be awesome! A current work-around is limited; use [SEND] block to Sendout > FOH or AMP. You'll lose the use of MAINout and a BLOCK but now you can receive FOH mix to Stomp AUXin, control vol, IEM with headphone out. It would great help if they add this, especially those of us with 'silent stages', sequence or clip tracks, 'pit' work, etc.


I (and a few others) have posted this on L6 Ideascale:


Please up vote, thanks!




PS> also see 



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