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  1. I'd really like to find a rechargable 9V option too, im mostly interested in this as a curiosity than a true solution. I've had 'hit and miss' results with 9V+USB power, im no expert but I feel like the step-up converters are the issue. (Ive used an off-brand 5v-9v converter). Does Birdcord make a higher amperage cable (more like 1.5 or 2A)? I think the 9V1A output is at the bottom limit of the Stomp needs. IIRC, the HXS spikes at 1.2A at startup and then runs at 900mA, so a 9V2A output might provide solid continuous power. Again, just looking for solutions yourself.
  2. (for HXStomp) manual pg44 has the info. you've got to set the ins/out of the DAW to match. I like to monitor my signal from the DAW on output 3-4 (instead of direct from the helix)
  3. anyone have tips on creating a "BodyRez clone" preset for HXS?
  4. did you add to IdeaScale? id vote it up! https://line6.com/support/topic/14497-helix-ideascale-community-submissions/
  5. nicely done with the routing and finishing good on ya~!
  6. the holy grail and Sophie's choice... its a trade off if you want to route a FOH mix thru the HXS to Headphone out—you'll either; lose a block, lose a main out, or lose the send option. From digging thru the forum and a few experienced knowledgeable replies, there's no way around it with the current hardware setup. Guess we cant have it all ;) please post solutions if you find one
  7. submit the idea... https://line6.ideascale.com/a/ideas/top or at the Banner link at the top of the page...
  8. Yes it can/should be able to "monitor" your tracking live. the USB section in the manual pg 44 should give a breakdown of ins/out settings via USB But, if you have your HXS analog outs to Denon AND digital thru the PC... that might be your "noise source"
  9. for a digital signal you could use the USB Out but theres gonna have to be a PC in-between your HXS > PC > Denon balanced/unbalanced cables are plentiful and you could make them yourself. https://www.rane.com/note110.html you could also try a balanced cable with a Switchcraft 303 inbetween your HXS and Denon. HXS > SW303 > Denon but if theres noise/hum, maybe consider your mains source/s, lighting; dimmers, florescent, AC. As stated you should be able to get a clean signal in a 16ft run.
  10. can you post a link for us to up vote?
  11. this will be hard to come by OEM. try Support, but I doubt they'll be able to help (unless youre still under warranty?) This shouldn't happen and a replacement might be an easy 'get'. try to contact one of the Stomp development/online guys to take mercy on you in sourcing a part/pointing you in the right direction. if not under warrnty or you just want a different knob to dress your HXS: measure exact knob dimensions google (image search) aluminum knobs to locate possible sources also search sites like; digikey, mouser, markertek, DIY pedal/stomp box sites, finally; ebay, amazon good luck
  12. just curious, did you 'hard re-wire' (aka re-solder) the polarity internally when you were cleaning or just reverse it in the HXS settings?
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