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  1. yes Soundog, well put/asked. this is what I was hoping to find
  2. I definitely see what your saying. And the ability to have a full HX running on any track is a great advantage. I guess (as im getting use to Native) Im getting bogged down in the 'workflow' along with how to properly manage presets. My use is mainly using the HXS as a fly/gig rig so I'd like to have ready-access to my 'known' and custom presets. it would be nice to have them always updated and imported into Native for DAW use— along side of the full Native 'Smörgåsbord' for my disposal. I imagine HXEdit as a 'hub' or middle man between HXS and HXNative. so anything I update on a live gig would get sent to HXEdit and passed to HXNative either *automatically or in an (weekly/monthly) update session. Is this a plausible scenearo? long story short I guess im looking to keep everything setup for a continuity between 'workspaces' and I'll need to figure out the best /logical workflow solution. (though with gear sometimes what's 'logical' or a necessity for me doesn't always follow the tech paradigm. But im learning! lol
  3. yeah, im old ...and calling the manual 'pilot guide' is annoying AF. It quickly dawned on me DAH... anyway YES the Pilots Guide is what I needed. (now I have all my HXfamily pilot guides neatly bookmarked) for those interested (like me, a noob to plugins) , the Presets will look like Helix Floor, a switch to HXS compatibility mode Pg13/ Preset Panel Pg20 will show your plugins as if they are in your HXS (which has its own caveats—*to be found in the manual). I think Im going to leave it in Default HC mode and just Import my HXS presets as a USER bank. (hope someone will show me the error of my ways — if need be) ;)
  4. Well obviously (ya can't sit down to dinner if ya don't know where the table's at) LOL thanks for showing me where the info is hidden. (I just got Native. It seemed like stomp and edit info was more readily found)
  5. HI guys, just updated to 3.10 across HXEdit/HXS/HXNative. The native plugins (default) presets aren't the same as the HXS Presets (order/name/etc) So few questions: 1. How do I get my HXNative to match my HXS settings? 2. Can I use HXEdit with HXNative to edit can create presets? (instead of doing in the DAW) thanks
  6. I'd really like to find a rechargable 9V option too, im mostly interested in this as a curiosity than a true solution. I've had 'hit and miss' results with 9V+USB power, im no expert but I feel like the step-up converters are the issue. (Ive used an off-brand 5v-9v converter). Does Birdcord make a higher amperage cable (more like 1.5 or 2A)? I think the 9V1A output is at the bottom limit of the Stomp needs. IIRC, the HXS spikes at 1.2A at startup and then runs at 900mA, so a 9V2A output might provide solid continuous power. Again, just looking for solutions yourself.
  7. (for HXStomp) manual pg44 has the info. you've got to set the ins/out of the DAW to match. I like to monitor my signal from the DAW on output 3-4 (instead of direct from the helix)
  8. anyone have tips on creating a "BodyRez clone" preset for HXS?
  9. did you add to IdeaScale? id vote it up! https://line6.com/support/topic/14497-helix-ideascale-community-submissions/
  10. nicely done with the routing and finishing good on ya~!
  11. the holy grail and Sophie's choice... its a trade off if you want to route a FOH mix thru the HXS to Headphone out—you'll either; lose a block, lose a main out, or lose the send option. From digging thru the forum and a few experienced knowledgeable replies, there's no way around it with the current hardware setup. Guess we cant have it all ;) please post solutions if you find one
  12. submit the idea... https://line6.ideascale.com/a/ideas/top or at the Banner link at the top of the page...
  13. Yes it can/should be able to "monitor" your tracking live. the USB section in the manual pg 44 should give a breakdown of ins/out settings via USB But, if you have your HXS analog outs to Denon AND digital thru the PC... that might be your "noise source"
  14. for a digital signal you could use the USB Out but theres gonna have to be a PC in-between your HXS > PC > Denon balanced/unbalanced cables are plentiful and you could make them yourself. https://www.rane.com/note110.html you could also try a balanced cable with a Switchcraft 303 inbetween your HXS and Denon. HXS > SW303 > Denon but if theres noise/hum, maybe consider your mains source/s, lighting; dimmers, florescent, AC. As stated you should be able to get a clean signal in a 16ft run.
  15. can you post a link for us to up vote?
  16. this will be hard to come by OEM. try Support, but I doubt they'll be able to help (unless youre still under warranty?) This shouldn't happen and a replacement might be an easy 'get'. try to contact one of the Stomp development/online guys to take mercy on you in sourcing a part/pointing you in the right direction. if not under warrnty or you just want a different knob to dress your HXS: measure exact knob dimensions google (image search) aluminum knobs to locate possible sources also search sites like; digikey, mouser, markertek, DIY pedal/stomp box sites, finally; ebay, amazon good luck
  17. just curious, did you 'hard re-wire' (aka re-solder) the polarity internally when you were cleaning or just reverse it in the HXS settings?
  18. This was a great addition, thank you! If you add something to act as a "faux button", you can get all three FS for FX, plus the"faux-tton"! Faux-tton.mp4
  19. I use a similar setup. *if your son is using the HXS as part of his signal chain with all three instruments: basically look for Flat, FRFR, or PA systems Highly recommend Acoustic Image, works great for all three. also Quilter (both bass amps/cabs and QSC PA systems). Dont be fooled by their small format—theyre both on the forefront of design and power.
  20. Quicco Sound makes a similar wireless MIDI with a smaller profile than the Yamaha.
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