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  1. Hi everybody I lost one of the knobs from my HX stomp, and another one is repeatedly coming off.. do you know where I can find some good replacement knobs? I'm thinking about replacing them all, as they are starting to come offend I don't want to lose another one.. Thanks!
  2. You want to: Guitar-> [HXFX input]-> COMP/WAH/DST/prefx-> SEND BLOCK-> [HXFXsend(why stereo?you're going mono, here)] -> [KEMPER in] -> KEMPER Preamp -> [Kemper mono send] -> ->[HXFX stereo return] -> HXFX stereo fx post KPpreamp-> [HXFX OUT (L,R)] ->KEMPER STEREO RETURN there you go, it should work, as long as you choose stereo send/return blocks where needed on both HXFX and KP.. (note that this doesn't let you use hxfx post Kemper cab, so you have to choose between having stereo fx between pre and power amp, as in a normal stereo amp loop, or having them post cab, as in a studio setup, but to achieve the latter you can move the stereo send block after the cabs in your Kemper)
  3. It is not a bug, but how most of reverse delays work. You have to sample chunks of audio (say 1 sec) and reverse them. if you start to play in the middle of the timeframe, you’ll have a first repetition of half a second. I suggested they put a threshold buffer reset, such as the one in Strymon Timeline, so that the buffer gets reset based on how you play. At least since a few firmware versions ago it tends to midi clock.
  4. You need to set the iPad @ 48 kHz, as the Helix connects at that sample rate, I guess.. never connected an iPad, though, so I don’t know if it’s possible and how
  5. On the meldaproduction site (the plugin makers) there’s an interesting video series about reverb algorithms and how to build different types with their amazing Turbo Reverb plugin (no, I don’t work for them) it can get quite overwhelming when you dig too deep into technicalities, but it’s very instructive.. Anyway.. owning a BigSky I’d say that the HX reverbs are quite different from the Strymon ones, not necessarily in a bad way, so I think those descriptions fit only roughly.. btw, I’d love to see a manual of all the Hx blocks, with accurate parameter description, similar to the Eventide or Boss ones..
  6. Wow! Thai looks cool! Where did you get it? Thanks!
  7. I think they should simply introduce a convenient way of merging multiple patches from native into a single HW Helix patch, to grant continuity between the plugin in the studio and the touring hardware.
  8. In Ableton Live I can see a Snapshot Index automation lane :) you have to select it from the parameter list, though.. non super intuitive, but it's there ;)
  9. Something I have never found any info about is the mic preamp in preamp section.. missing from your amazing pdf as well. Does anybody have any info on what it's modelled after?
  10. ABY feeds the Helix and the MOTU with a phase coherent signal, but Helix adds some inherent latency, thus messing up phase coherency, if needed. If OP's aim is reamping using Helix, he's gonna miss the impedance switching capabilities as well and, most of all, calibrating the input level to make Helix patches sound the same on the recording and live is gonna be a PITA. I really don't think anybody was addressing you about wasting their time here.. My educated guess is that this was aimed at someone else.. Hope you find your optimal solution, Cheers!
  11. @rd2rk peace bro.. actually, rereading the whole post it sounds to me you’re the one that’s a bit on the aggressive side, but maybe it’s just because English ain’t my native language.. And I really think everyone here has just given well educated suggestions about how to solve the OP’s problem, without torches and pitchforks ;)
  12. With Helix you have no latency at all, while monitoring, same as with an apollo. But hey! to each one his own, i guess.. I can't think of any reason having 109 dB of dynamic range on an 18i20 would be any better than the 123 dB you get on the Helix. Anyway.. no there's no easy way to do what you're asking for. And, by the way, if you plan to use Native that's the only way to have your patches sound the same, from DAW to stage..
  13. Helix’ mic input is actually quite good. I also have an Apollo Twin, and I don’t dislike it even compared to the Apollo. And you get a solid interface that will surely work better than a half baked driver that’s already giving you trouble.. You can also record dry from the mic and monitor with effects, just like with the guitar input. Plus, if you use an ABY box you lose Helix input impedance switching, and if you use Fx send you’re passing through 2 AD/DA steps, instead of one.
  14. Keeping my Big Sky, though.. And TimeLine as well.. But I'm super happy bout the new firmware!! And those reverbs do sound good
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