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Trouble getting Helix Native to work, what am I missing?

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Edit: mods can this move to the proper forum? I accidentally defaulted here because I browse so much but just now realized you have a whole section for Native sorry! 


Hi gang,


I'm an LT user who just activated the Native trial and I am having a hell of a time getting it to work. I have a feeling it is something simple I am overlooking. Is there something more I need to be doing within the VST itself? Any input would be greatly appreciated!


For context, I'm not always able to play through the LT, so I thought Native would be a great portable solution.


DAWs tried: GarageBand, Reaper on Mac, Reaper on Windows

Interfaces tried: iRig HD, Behringer UMC202HD

Output: Headphones via computer audio out, UMC202HD headphone out


My interfaces see the guitar signal, my computers see the interfaces. Headphones work when using normal audio on the computers. The cable hooking the guitar to the interface works with my LT.


When I load Native into the DAW I get no sound when arming recording or just direct monitoring. 


I DID NOT try the Behringer interface on Mac and will try potentially tonight.


Not really sure what I am missing here... let me know if you need more info!

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So it does have input (INPUT) and output (MAIN) meters. Do those both register audio?


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I do not recall seeing those, so that’s a first step. Routing issue maybe? The input in my daw pointed to my interfaces... I created an audio track... unclear on what’s going on. 

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