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Possible Latency With Ux2 And Asus Xonar D2x

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Hello everybody,


Happy new Year! :) I've just purchased a Line 6 UX2 USB-interface to receive immediate playback while practising and recording guitar. I am a complete newbie but I think I have a problem with latency that is really a pain because the sound of the interface is exceptional. The input from the guitar is immediately sent to Pod Form, but the tone gets out of the speaker just a little bit later. I do not really recognize that while playing slowly but as soon as I play several notes quite fast, the tones are delayed. I've always tried to compensate that but I that's not possible to me. Switching to my old amp, the tones are immediately there, thus I guess, that latency is not correct.


I am running the following system:

Intel I7 4770S

Asus Z-87 Pro

8 GB Corsair Vengeance 1666 mHz

Asus Xonar D2X

when I use the Realtek onboard sound, latency is still there, but slightly better!


Please find attached several screenshots of some system options. They're in German, but I try to translate them for you guys:


Preferences in POD Farm 2.5:

UX2 Tone Direkt <- selected


Xonar D2X ASIO



Preferences in POD Farm 2.5:

Device Manager



Windows 7 64bit sound preferences:


3-Asus Xonar D2X Audio Device

On the right side of the screenshot, you can see the playback quality and the option marked "programs have exclusive control over device"



Windows 7 64bit sound preferences:

Recording device

Line 6 UX2 as digital audio interface

On the right side of the screenshot, you can find the option: "Use this device for playback: Playback from default device"



Do you have any idea how to solve the problem? I've already reduced buffers but still it is not possible to play the guitar for me or record parts with Ableton Live Lite.


I would be most grateful if you could give me an advice! Thank you very much in advance!



Nico K.


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Using USB to connect to your computer's speakers does produce latency.  Use the 1/4" analog outputs to either directly connect to a pair of powered speakers (what I do now), or connect the 1/4" analog outputs into you PC sound cards analog or aux input.  In the latter case, make sure your PC's sound card is set as the default sound device.


I have used both of these methods with great results.

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Thank you very much for your fast reply! I think, I understand the problem. I am not sure, but I think I cannot use the first solution. I am using Logitech Z2300 speakers comprising the following parts:

1x Subwoofer (plugged into a power outlet, also plugged to a kind of remote control that is plugged into my sound card [1/8" line out])

2x Speaker (connected to subwoofer via Cinch cable)


The second solutions sounds very good. Can you please tell me which cable is needed to connect the 1/4" analog outputs to my soundcard? How does that look like? I am sorry, but I am a total newbie! :( Is this a cable that has 2x 1/4" plugs and ends with 1x 1/8" plug?


Thank you very much for your help!



Sorry, but I have to ask again: What do you mean by using the analog or aux input? My sound card has the following inputs:

Line In
Front Out
Side Surround
Center & Subwoofer
Back Surround



Shall I use the line in input?

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Line Input or S/PDIF In.


But it is much preferred to connect your speakers or headphones directly to the UX2 (the UX2 becomes your soundcard).

Running the analog outs to your PC's internal sound card may introduce latancey.



Also, if you plan on recording with a DAW, dump the ASIO4ALL and use the Line6 ASIO drivers.

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thank you very much for your advice. I removed the ASIO4ALL driver and only use the Line 6 ASIO drivers now. I tried to use the UX2 as my only sound card and latency was reduced, but I could still notice it. I ran LatencyMon and found out that my Miniport drivers and the onboard sound drivers cause latency. At the moment, I am updating all drivers and will run LatencyMon again. Thus, it seems as if latency is only caused by my computer. I will keep you updated!

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