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Podhd With Dt Mixer Panning Question

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Using a single amp pre in the presets. L6 link to DT25. Pan to center or each path hard left/right?


Obviously center increases the output volume but which is 'better', as in 'optimal' for the end result?

Panned either way I can use channel volume to get the overall output the way I want it and also to balance output levels between presets.


I avoid moving the Mixer Levels off of 0.0 db...is that 'best'?


So, are there any consequences to getting the over all volume you like with the panning centered vs. panned l/r?


I have been trying to keep my PodHD master at least at 12 o'Clock and the Master on the DT above 1 o'Clock for normal use. I'll back both of those down a little for 'quiet' practice...or else just the PodHD Master....not sure which is 'better' there either.


So many options, I'm trying to nail down my methodology so I can clean up my set lists and end up with 'the list' of presets.

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I already did a full thread on this here:




Read through, there is some good insight. In the end as long as you know why you are doing it one way or the other and you are not introducing unwanted distortion or clipping it is really personal taste...


Read radatats writeup... should be everything you need to know.  

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