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Ux1 Latency Problems

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I'm a previous user of GuitarPort / GearBox on a Windows XP with a SB X-Fi Titanium sound card. I experienced no issues with this setup and have used it for years. I recently purchased a new PC running Win8 and decided to give the UX1 a try. I'm using the same SB X-Fi soundcard, but I'm experiencing latency issues on the new setup, as follows: guitar->UX1->USB. The X-Fi is in Audio Creation mode. Though the latency is relatively small, it makes playing far too difficult. Also, in POD Farm, when I try to switch the Hardware from ToneDirect to Creative (ASIO), the PC freezes. If anyone has any insight, I'd greatly appreciate the feedback.




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The UX becomes your soundcard. You should connect you speakers or headphones directly to the UX.


ASIO only allows for only one ASIO device at a time, that is why your PC is freezing.


If you really want to use your PC's soundcard you need to run the UX's analogs into your PC's sound card, but that is not the intended/preferred use of the UX

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