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PowerCab Plus L6 Link input (or cable) has blown

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Hi all

Have newly purchased a PowerCab Plus here in Australia and connected it to my Helix LT with a 3m  110ohm AES/EBU cable as per this link:



I had the connection running OK for just over day with global sample settings on the Helix at 44.1


Was playing a single amp model/looper only from the Helix on full volume but the PowerCab was only at 30%. All of a sudden I get a 'bang and a flash' from the PowerCab L6 input port and I lose sound.


I tried the 1/4 inch connection and, although noisy, the PowerCab still appeared to work OK


I have reviewed other threads on signal drop out but this was total loss with a big noise.


The cable appears to meet requirements and I can't see any other settings that I needed to configure for the connection.


Before I contact the cable supplier and Line 6 here in Australia,  has anybody had this issue or got any suggestions to troubleshoot? I am not sure if it is Cable or Powercab itself


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I have never heard of such a thing, but I would first try to get hold of another cable to try.

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When you say you got a "bang and flash", do you mean you saw an actual electrical arc? Was there smoke? I mean, it's certainly possible the cable failed, but if there was arcing involved, that sounds like something more.

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