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  1. I have heard that the one of the guys that runs OwnHammer is also running the Helix team as well. Can anybody confirm this? If so, I would have thought that the effort to add OwnHammer quality IR's as standard on the Helix ( as per the numerous Ideascale requests) would be highest on the list?? Or perhaps the extra $$ added via OwnHammer IR purchases is adding to the overall bottom line and those requests may not be addressed too soon? After adding just some basic 'Tight' settings for each of the 6 cabinets from the OwnHammer " Evolution Debut Bundle ", I can vouch that they are night and day compared to the out of the box offerings.
  2. I have had the above pedal in use with my Helix LT for about 9 months. Regardless of foot position I have had issues when going heel down, where the pedal gets notchy in the last segment to <heel fully down> and makes smooth control impossible. I adjusted it using the supplied allen key as per this video (tightening and loosening) with no impact. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfSbCYsFQJs A local, long time expert amp and pedal repairer has cleaned the rack, also with no effect. He suggested that a pot replacement may be the go. The supplier in Melbourne, Australia has no pots, expressed doubt that the pot replacement is the issue and recommended I contact Mission for suggestions. Has anybody had similar experience and any suggestions as I would prefer not to have to freight it across Australia?
  3. Hi all I too have just purchased a Beat Buddy (and upgraded its firmware to the latest 3.80). A) I had previously trialed one with my Helix LT and successfully used: 1. the effects loop AFTER an amp block with one TS cable in each of the send/return as per Kilrahi's suggestion above 2. A separate path for this block through to my hi-fi amp for just the Beat Buddy (also as per suggestions above) However, I didn't want to tie up the effects loops just for the Beat Buddy and it appears that you have to add this path and block combination to every Preset on which you want Beat Buddy (Am I wrong?) B) So I used two quality TS cables from the 1/4" outputs to the Beat Buddy inputs and then took two TRS to RCA to go to my hi-fi i.e. with no changes to presets on the Helix. So, I have my Guitar > Helix > Beat Buddy > Hi-Fi amp My problem is now that going that way I hear fizz and clipping on clean settings from the Helix as though it is producing old school digital effects from 10 years back. It seems that the Beat Buddy is converting them or adding distortion in some way. This occurs whether or not I am playing a kit or have it paused My questions: 1. Am I correct in my assumption in B) about using Effects loop for every preset if I chose to go that way, or is there a better way to use the Send/Return blocks globally as an input for Beat Buddy 2. Is there any known degradation of signal as per my path B and is this something I should head to the Beat Buddy forum about or....? It appears that in A my signal is clean but the flexibility of set up is very restricted and I have to add Send/Return to each Preset or Snapshot. In B it appears that the flexibility is covered (not sure about synching with Looper but that is another step to cover) however the sound is poor.
  4. Apologies if this is not the right thread. I am newbie and have read and acknowledged all the 'presets suck' comments. Be patient as I am using the to learn the box I have recently upgraded to 2.81 firmware on my LT and deliberately did NOT update the presets. I have noted those that are removed from the thread above. When I cycle through the menu and select a preset that has been made obsolete, I get no sound. That makes sense. HOWEVER, every subsequent preset I select (from Factory or User presets) also gives me NOTHING I have to power the unit down and back up again! I had a copy of 'Cavernous Clean' that I took from Factory and saved under my user presets. NEITHER of those give me sound *Updated* - I also restored the individual preset backup of 'Cavernous Clean' that I had taken, pre 2.81 upgrade, to the User 3 setlist: Still NOTHING I would have thought the User preset would not have been impacted by the new firmware. 1. Is this correct behaviour and is the only solution to download the new presets? 2. If I save off my previous 2.71 level presets (which I have done before the upgrade) , download the new presets then restore the old ones, will I get 'Cavernous Clean' back in its previous form under my User and/or Factory presets? 3. If presets are going to be dropped off, there doesn't appear to be much warning. Should I make a suggestion for some 'Pre Upgrade' instructions to save them individually AND that specific ones will be deleted.
  5. Was resolved by a visit to a Yamaha/Line 6 technician under warranty
  6. Hi all Have newly purchased a PowerCab Plus here in Australia and connected it to my Helix LT with a 3m 110ohm AES/EBU cable as per this link: https://www.swamp.net.au/swamp-aes-ebu-cable-110ohm-dual-shielded-digital-audio-cable I had the connection running OK for just over day with global sample settings on the Helix at 44.1 Was playing a single amp model/looper only from the Helix on full volume but the PowerCab was only at 30%. All of a sudden I get a 'bang and a flash' from the PowerCab L6 input port and I lose sound. I tried the 1/4 inch connection and, although noisy, the PowerCab still appeared to work OK I have reviewed other threads on signal drop out but this was total loss with a big noise. The cable appears to meet requirements and I can't see any other settings that I needed to configure for the connection. Before I contact the cable supplier and Line 6 here in Australia, has anybody had this issue or got any suggestions to troubleshoot? I am not sure if it is Cable or Powercab itself
  7. Hello all Keeping with this thread as I am in a similar (but not the same) situation and also a Helix rookie. I have a Helix LT and am looking at the Mission SP1-L6H and the EP-1 In reading the above I am not sure what functionality I will actually have Will I be able to turn blocks on and off AND use it as a wah? What will I NOT be able to do, given I will have no Toe Switch connectivity
  8. Hi all First time LT user here attempting to upgrade from firmware version 2.30 to 2.60, immediately after purchase. Tried all the above options on Computer 1 (Win 7 SP2) with different cables in different ports and also, as suggested by Support team and the FAQ links, combinations of FS9/10 AND FS6/12. The switch combinations for reset did nothing on the display and several attempts at install from the Updater (which indicated I was already at 2.60 from several previous failed attempts!!!!) failed. So I switched cables to an old ACER laptop also with Win 7/SP2 and installed the HX software. The first attempt failed and then with a an FS6/FS12 combination (which did NOTHING obvious on the display as bogus characters still displayed) I tried again and it worked!!! I have no idea if the FS options actually do anything to enable the update or if this is purely a USB/Cable issue Has anybody had a definite answer on what the cause of the issue is (which appears to be going for some time now) and if it will be addressed?
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