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  1. I don't have a problem getting good volume from my PowerCab. I run the Helix MV at maximum and adjust my loudest preset to just avoid red clipping on the PC input light. I do find that the PC tends to be a bit boomy (almost all purchased presets are too bass-heavy on my system). I have taken to setting the low cut at 100-130 Hz, but the biggest improvement for me was placing the PC on top of an Auralex GreatGRAMMA Isolation Riser. Even on an amp stand it was a little bassy. The isolation pad took all that away revealing a clarity that was previously missing. BTW, my new favorite PC tone is just using the FRFR Flat Mode with no cab/IR in the helix.
  2. Yes, you can assign more than one effect to a footswitch.
  3. What worked for me (only a couple of my Presets seemed to be affected) was to use HX Edit to change to another Snapshot. Click on the error message that resulted (this makes the message disappear) and SAVE the Preset. Do this for each Snapshot in turn. Tedious, but much quicker than recreating the Preset from scratch.
  4. I have never heard of such a thing, but I would first try to get hold of another cable to try.
  5. You are getting what you selected in HX Edit. The PC's display does not reflect that choice. If you open Powercab Edit at he same time, you can see that the Speaker/FRFR choice made in HX Edit is immediately reflected in PC Edit, but the actual Preset in the Powercab does not change - it will just show as 'edited'.
  6. I go L6 Link to the PC+ and XLR out to FOH. Minimal setup and consistent tone!
  7. Have you tried copying and pasting a blank slot over it? That's what you have to do in Helix Edit.
  8. No. The cover is an extra $70.
  9. I'm still pretty new to Helix. When I first got it, I went 4CM into the FX loop of my Bogner Atma. Sounded fantastic on stage, but I was never really happy with the FOH tone. So I bit the FRFR bullet and now go XLR out into the PA, and digital out to a Line 6 L2m as floor monitor. I now hear exactly what the audience is hearing. The L2m is beefy enough that I don't really miss the 'real' amp.
  10. I am relatively new to Helix and definitely late to the tuner party, but I do find the Helix tuner to be more difficult to use than anything else I have ever tried. Having said that, I always seem to be in tune with the rest of the band, so it is certainly not inaccurate. Mine has difficulty picking up the lower strings quickly - especially the low E - so it can be frustrating trying to quickly check tuning between songs.
  11. I play at church with a Line 6 L2t as monitor and XLR out to the board. No issues with being heard.
  12. The Helix will switch my Bogner Atma from the Clean to the Crunch channel, but I cannot do Channel 3.
  13. I recently bought the L2t. I connect this to the Helix via the LINK connection and go XLR out to the PA. Make no mistake, the L2t is loud. I run mine as a stage monitor wedge in front of me, but you could easily have it behind you like a conventional amp/cab.
  14. Line 6 L2t. Weighs about 39 lbs. Dimensions are on the Line 6 web site or at Sweetwater's site.
  15. Another vote for the backpack. I wouldn't tour with it, but for local use it works very well for all the reasons eloquently stated above.
  16. And now, of course, there is the Helix LT . . . . .
  17. I would start with the Line 6 Monkey. It should handle the drivers etc.
  18. I have a PRS P24 . . . . this makes me want to buy a Helix :D
  19. Have you tried assigning parameters to two pedal controllers (EXP1 and EXP2) without the external pedal attached? Do they work normally when you switch between them with the toe switch? If so, the external pedal should automatically take over the EXP2 functions when you plug it in. What happens in your case?
  20. I have a DT25, and so far, the best results come from using the L6 LINK connection.
  21. According to the Edit manual: "Using the SEND buttons overwrites the existing Preset/Set List data in your device's internal memory, effectively Saving the transferred items to your PD HD500X". So it should . . . .
  22. Or hit the appropriate option in the SEND panel in Edit.
  23. Just to update, MF shipped me a new DT25, and so far, it's running like a champ. Great tone!
  24. Still waiting for MF to ship me a new DT25. It arrived back to them on Tuesday, but their customer service said it may be the weekend before they can check the return and get a new one out. I guess they must have a lot of returns to process . . . . .
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