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3 Sigma Electric Guitar IR's question....


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So I thought I'd try these as Im all about simplifying and using the tech I have available...and to be honest its cheaper than buying full out pickups or another guitar and 90% of the crowd can't tell the difference anyway...




In reading the information file on these I can across this at the end....


"Helix and Axe-Fx – Add a cab block and an EQ block before the amp. Load the Electric Impulses in the first cab block. Then, use the gain slider on the EQ block to adjust the overall level going into the amp. (Use impulses from the 48 folder)"


Why wouldnt I just drop an IR block first in my chain and use the level parameter there instead of using a seperate EQ block as well?

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that's what I thought.  Unless the level parameter in the IR block does something weird frequency wise that a flat EQ block or gain block doesn't do......maybe boosting the IR block extends the frequency boost/cuts to something that isn't desirable for the IR chosen going forward down the line. 

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