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Expression Pedal Not Working While Hd500 Controlled By Daw?


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I am controlling the POD HD500 via DAW while there is playback going on. I am successfully managing to switch between presets (although I must say that latency of switching is a bit annoying, but I can work around that by sending messages a bit in advance). I have a part, where I want to play a whammy (pitch shifter) with expression pedal. I assign it to EXP2. However, when I start playback, both EXP1 and EXP2 become lid and I can not control the expression pedal. I can switch the HD500 off and turn it back on and then I can control EXP2 (without playback), but again once I start the PC sending commands I can't seem to control the expression pedal.


How can I solve that?


Also, what exactly does CC# 59 (the manual says its Exp Toe on/off toggle) do? I cannot figure it out.

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What DAW are you using and how is it connected to the POD?


I control my HD500 from Cubase Ai6, connected via USB to an M-audio fast track pro and then to the POD via MIDI cables, both in and out. Preset changes are instantaneous, and I've never had a problem so far. After a while of use, both exp light get lit, as on yours, I have no Idea why, but it doesn't seem to affect the way the POD responds to the computer signals! 


I also use some whammy effects, shifting pitch up and down quite a lot of times, and it's been working fine so far. I'd say there must be something wrong with your daw or programming or connections.


When you say you want to play a whammy, do you mean physically with your foot or controlled over DAW? 


CC#59 does the same thing as when you press the toe button on the exp pedal. Theres a button that normally changes from EXp1 to EXP2 and vice-versa when you press hard on the upper part of the exp pedal.

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I am using Reason connected through Presonus Firebox.

So here is step by step of what I am doing:


1) I have a playback song

2) I have created 4 patches that I use for guitar sound, say 1A-1D

3) On patch 1A I have Exp2 assigned to volume

4) On patch 1B I have Exp2 assigned to whammy

5) without connecting to PC everything works perfect

4) Connected to PC. The song starts playing. The first message I send is : "Change to patch 1A, set Exp2 to 127" - to make sure I am in my 1A patch and volume is max. This works.

5) Second message after a while: "Switch FS1 off, set Exp2 to 100" - this works.

6) Third message: "Switch patch to 1C" - works

7) Message 4: "Switch to patch 1B, set Exp2 to 0" - Switching to patch works, but here is the problem as I want to use Exp2 as a whammy, but both Exp lights are lit and I have no control of a footpedal. I want to control whammy myself, not through DAW.


So you also get both exp lit? When does it happen? Does it happen randomly for you or you know exactly when it happens? I guess I am just sending some wrong commands to the device.

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You seem to be having a simular problem to me. Have a quick look at the thread I started if you wish, it may help.



It explains the LED status issue at least.

If both LED's aren't on with 2nd expression pedal connected, you won't be able to assign FX to EXP2. 

The only way I know of working around this is disconnecting the EXP2 while your HD500 is on and

then re-connecting it, then bam, both LED's should lightup and can proceed assigning FX to EXP2 again.

Im curious to know if this works for you, would re-enforce my firmware argument.

Mind clarifying which expression pedal you are using as EXP2, Thanks.

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