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Anyone Know How To Add A Series-parallel For Jtv-69s ?

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I just bought the JTV-69s and love the magnetic pickups. However, I would love to have the option of running the bridge and middle pups together in series, a pretty standard tele mod, and also done on strats. While understanding that this would probably void the warranty, is it even possible? I don't know what's going on under that hood. 


Also, I see wiring diagrams for the JTV- 59, 69, and 89, but not for the 69s. How would it be different from the 69?



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I suppose it could probably be done relatively easily by a guitar tech who was familiar with doing such things. The question I have, though, is have you tried doing what you want to with the modeled versions of these pickups in Workbench? If you like the results, you can always save them as a custom model. It would be a lot cheaper than having the guitar modded.

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Thank you Phil.


I have not done that yet, but I generally prefer to use the magnetic pickups in general, and the models as needed, more for down-tuning than for the models. Because of that, I would like to have a no-hum option on the magnetic pickups, which sounds more "series" than sound of the 2 and 4 strat positions which get that distinct sound from the parallel wiring.

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