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Helix Loop Amount(s)


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Good Afternoon All, 


I'm debating on whether or not I should get rid of my looper pedal since the helix has one. I currently have the HX Stomp, but I plan on purchasing the helix in the future, so I'm making some changes to my rig to accommodate the addition of the helix. I'm not a huge looper guy, I don't need something that can loop for like 5 minutes with 15 different features or anything like that. From what I've gathered, the helix has a maximum loop time of 30 seconds stereo and a full minute in mono. This isn't a problem at all for me. 


The question I have is how many dubs/layers/overlays can you put on the looper? And does this tie in to the loop time?


For example, if i record a riff that's a minute long am I then unable to record any dubs over it? Being that the initial riff was a full minute? Or is the time limit just for any one loop in the looper? 


Could I have a scenario where I record a loop that's 30 seconds, dub a different 30 second one over that, and another 30 second one over both? In total this would be a minute and a half, would this work or no? 


Also, if you are able to exceed the minute mark if you add up the times from each loop, how many times can you dub over a loop? Is this unlimited? 


Sorry if this is a basic question, I couldn't find a forum on this anywhere else. I know I mentioned I have a hx stomp (which has the looper as well) but I'm currently not near my rig so I can't test it out. Any and all input is appreciated, thanks!

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There is only a single loop. You can overdub as many times as you like, building up the layers. The most recent overdub can be cancelled with the Undo button (toggled is a better word, which is a feature some people exploit when looping to do kind of verse/chorus thing).


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The maximum loop time is between 30 seconds (stereo at full speed) to 120 seconds (mono at half speed). You can overdub as many times as you want within the original loop - the max times are not affected by the number of overdubs. The sound quality degradation at half speed is minimal - few people would notice.

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